What to expect at Innovate: The Enterprise Modernization track

Hear Randy Newell describe the Enterprise Modernization track

PODCAST: Hear Randy Newell, Marketing Program Director for Enterprise Modernization, describe the Enterprise Modernization stream, which includes more than 30 sessions on Rational Developer for Power Systems Software and Rational Developer for System Z.


Robin Wood, developerWorks Rational Acquisition Editor, IBM

Robin WoodRobin started her web career in the financial industry in 1995. In 1999, she left finance behind and joined Rational software to work on web content for Rational Rose and Rational Unified Process, which both later became part of IBM. She's currently the developerWorks Rational acquisition editor. When not working, Robin can be found at a beach near Santa Cruz, California, with her surfing chocolate Labrador Retriever, husband, and daughter.

02 May 2011

Listen to the Enterprise Modernization podcast.

Transcript of the Enterprise Modernization podcast

developerWorks: Hi. I am Robin Wood with developerWorks, and I'm here today to bring you the second in the series of four podcasts for Innovate 2011, the premier conference for software and systems innovation.

We're publishing these all on developerWorks to introduce you to what's going to be happening at this year's Innovate conference. Today we will focus on the Enterprise Modernization stream that will explore how IBM Enterprise Modernization solutions help you cost effectively and incrementally evolve your core IT systems towards modern architectures and technologies, helping you to break down skill silos, improve collaboration and rapidly build services that deliver new business capabilities.

This will help you reduce the maintenance burden, free up resources to better respond to new business requirements and innovate. Tracks included in this stream are System z and Power Systems. In today's podcast, we'll be speaking with Randy Newell, marketing program director for Enterprise Modernization at IBM Software Group. Welcome, Randy.

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Check the Innovate main page to get details about speakers, streams, and tracks, to build your own agenda, and to nominate innovative use of software for the Coolest Software Ever contest (you could win an iPad and join Felicia Day and Grady Booch in playing Jeopardy against Watson).


Register for Innovate.

Newell: Thanks, Robin. It's a pleasure to be here.

developerWorks: Randy, before we jump right in to what attendees can expect of the Innovate 2011 Conference, can you give us a little background on what Enterprise Modernization entails?

Newell: Sure, Robin. I'm eager to touch on some of the highlights of the Enterprise Modernization stream at Innovate 2011, but first let me take a minute to level set with our listeners on what we mean by Enterprise Modernization and how it can help customers achieve improved business outcomes from their IT investments.

We've entered a new era of information technology called Smarter Computing. In a nutshell, Smarter Computing is about IT transformation. But mostly it's about cheaper computing. Think of Smarter Computing as the enabler of Smarter Planet. If 70 to 80 percent of your IT budget is consumed by standard run costs, how are you going to respond to new business requirements? How do you enable innovation?

And that's where Enterprise Modernization comes in. Enterprise Modernization is the on ramp to achieving Smarter Computing. Many of our clients run a mix of platforms: System z, UNIX, Windows on Intel, Linux and midrange systems. Deciding where workloads run is often based on factors other than workload characteristics, computing needs or economic impact, creating rigid and very often inefficient silos.

With our new and enhanced Enterprise Modernization solutions, customers can save today on their core system application maintenance costs while they build application assets, development skills, development team collaboration and infrastructure optimization resources to create more agile and responsive IT systems.

It's an incremental and continuous modernization approach, but it has enabled our customers to deliver breakthrough economics that support innovation that can define their company's competitive advantage and drive growth.

developerWorks: Excellent. Now, with that said, can you give us a glimpse into some of the Innovate highlights from the Enterprise Modernization the System z and Power Systems tracks?

Newell: Sure. This year's Innovate Conference theme is Software Everywhere, which dovetails nicely with Smarter Computing that we just talked about. Starting with the main tent keynotes, attendees will hear firsthand about the business value that customers have achieved through Enterprise Modernization and Smarter Computing.

Then, we've assembled under the Enterprise Modernization stream two tracks, System z and Power. And it's what I think is the most compelling set of tracks that we've ever had at the conference. Our EM tracks will feature more than 30 sessions, [by] what is really powerful about it is more than half of them are presented by IBM clients and Business Partners.

These clients and partners from all over the world will talk about benefits, best practices and the experience of Enterprise Modernization implementations. We have interactive panel discussions featuring Rational, System z and Power Systems executives, senior technical leaders, DEs ‑‑ Distinguished Engineers ‑‑ and clients.

We have hands‑on technical workshops and demos that allow attendees to test drive the latest Enterprise Modernization software; and as at all IBM conferences, attendees will also have a chance to network and innovate with their peers, about 4,000 of them in the case of Innovate.

Finally, there will be the opportunity to see the now‑famous Watson, fresh off his Jeopardy win in action and to try your luck against him at the Watson kiosk in our Solution Center. In case our listeners did not know, Watson is an IBM Power System server and is perhaps the most tangible example of Smarter Computing.

We hope to see many Power and System z clients in Orlando. We recognize that budgets are tight all around, but we think we can provide attendees the absolute best value for their education or training budget.

developerWorks: That would be so much fun, to play against Watson. I'd like to give that a try. What other activities can attendees look forward to?

Newell: As a special thank you to our System z and Power Systems customers, we will be throwing an exclusive System z and Enterprise Modernization reception on Tuesday night at [Shula Steakhouse]. System z and Power customers alike are welcome. And this will be a great place to network with peers and IBM experts.

Also, by popular demand we're going to have both System z and Power Solutions suites this year. This is your chance to get a personalized one‑on‑one demo in a conference room environment off the show floor. While in the exhibition hall, you can come play in the System z and Power Systems sandboxes, great virtual environments,essentially live z and Power Systems environments in the cloud.

There are also dedicated System z and Power technical workshops on Sunday; and, don't miss the always interesting discussion in the birds of a feather sessions with peers on Monday night.

So, Robin, there's so much going on, I've just started to scratch the surface of what our Enterprise Modernization attendees can take away from Innovate 2011. But as we like to say, come and get a year's worth of education in one week. So, I'd really encourage our listeners to register for IBM Innovate 2011. It's June 5th through 9th in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.

And make sure when you're registering to make Enterprise Modernization either System z or Power Systems your primary track, and that will allow us to send you details on all the great activities that we've just mentioned here as well as other learning opportunities throughout the conference.

developerWorks: Well, great. Thank you so much, Randy, for taking the time to explain the Enterprise Modernization, System z or Power Systems tracks to us. And I look forward to seeing you in Orlando.


About Randy Newell

Randy NewellRandy has more than 25 years of technology marketing experience, from start-ups to world-class companies like IBM and PricewaterhouseCoopers. He has had particular focus on application development, enterprise architecture, and enterprise modernization solutions.





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