Innovate 2010: What's coming

It's about participating in A Smarter Planet (and maybe a big hat)

From the Innovate 2010 conference: IBM® Rational®'s Teresa Quatrani and Fred Gutierrez preview the Innovate 2010 conference for you, including moderated free-for-alls, the founder of Segway, and maybe ... just maybe ... big hats. Plus what's news at developerWorks this week.


Scott Laningham (, Podcast Editor, IBM developerWorks

Scott LaninghamScott Laningham, host of developerWorks podcasts, was previously editor of developerWorks newsletters. Prior to IBM, he was an award-winning reporter and director for news programming featured on Public Radio International, a freelance writer for the American Communications Foundation and CBS Radio, and a songwriter/musician.

18 June 2010

developerWorks: This is a developerWorks podcast, I'm Scott Laningham. This week we have Teresa Quatrani and Fred Gutierrez of IBM Rational/reg> Events team to preview Innovate 2010. It's coming up June 6-10 in Orlando, Florida.

(Editor: To discover what new resources are available this week in developerWorks and My developerWorks, jump to the end of this interview.)

The key concept for the conference: Participate!

Listen to this podcast.

Welcome to the Innovate 2010 Rational Software Conference, designed to help you build A Smarter Planet.

A Smarter Planet offers features, conversations, and resources so you can make how we do things a lot smarter.

developerWorks: Joining me now are Teresa Quatrani, or TQ as she likes to be referred to. She is Rational® Technical Event content lead. And also Fred Gutierrez, senior mnager of Rational Events. Thank you both for doing this.

Quatrani: Good morning, Scott.

Gutierrez: Good morning.

developerWorks: TQ, do you have Fred all outfitted with proper headwear for the conference? That's my first and most important question. [LAUGHTER]

Quatrani: I've tried to get him to wear my hat every year, Scott, and he just won't do it. I'm going to get them this year though, I'm going to take a picture of him wearing my lovely hat.

developerWorks: Those are big hats, aren't they?

Quatrani: And I can guarantee it will be big and gaudy this year. [LAUGHTER]

developerWorks: You've got to have a lot of self-confidence to wear one of those things.

Gutierrez: Absolutely.

developerWorks: Now, how early do you all start working on these events? Of course, we're talking about Innovate 2010 coming up June 6-10 in Orlando, Florida. TQ, I mean, does this literally start the day after the last one ends?

Quatrani: Well, sorta-kinda. I mean, I keep telling people Innovate's the gift that keeps on giving. [LAUGHTER]

What we actually do is after the Orlando event, we take it on the road. So we go to many different countries in both [Asia Pacific] and Europe. For example, we take it to Italy, we take it to the Netherlands, it goes to the [United Kingdom], it goes all over ASEAN, Australia, China, India. So, most of that happens during the summer months.

And then we will actually start planning Innovate 2011 probably in mid to late August.

developerWorks: You know, it sounds like a Broadway show almost here.

Quatrani: That's kind of the way I feel.

developerWorks: Fred, what about key themes this year? Of course, cloud computing and Smarter Planet are big focuses for IBM. Are we going to hear a lot about that at Innovate?

Gutierrez: Well, those are central, in fact, our key theme for the year is building A Smarter Planet. And so, those things that you just mentioned, smarter products and service innovation, cloud computing ... those are going to be front and center in terms of discussing how Rational solutions and software are the invisible thread that tie all of those together.

One last thing for this year, we have done a tremendous amount of work to ensure that what our customers want is what is shown. So we're putting the customer first in terms of starting very early like TQ said, in terms of gathering their input. We've had an Innovation Jam which was used to determine what it was that customers are interested in that want to talk about. That information will actually be presented during the keynotes.

And they're going to have a lot of input, especially with respect to a couple of new things that we're doing that we'll talk about a little bit later on here.

developerWorks: What about highlights that you all want to mention? I mean, I know there are always some special speakers and sometimes you don't leak that stuff early. But are there some things you want to mention now to get people interested in coming if they're not already?

Gutierrez: Absolutely.

Quatrani: Absolutely. Every year, we keep hearing you know "give me more, give me more, give me more" ... so we're giving them more. We actually have 14 tracks this year. We've got 394 sessions. We have 26 technical workshops where you can have a three-hour hands-on experience with a lot of our products.

And what we did this year for the first time is we created the concept of the solution track because a lot of our customers are interested in solutions that cross all of our capability tracks. We'll cross requirements and configuration management and modeling and those things.

So we created six solution tracks, which are horizontal paths through our tracks. You know, those solution tracks are Agile, Jazz, cloud computing, SLA, systems development, and packaged applications. We've got those sessions all color-coded in the agenda.

So you can easily see, if I want to go to an Agile session, you know, what are my choices? So I think that's very exciting as far as getting people and giving them lots of real good technical information.

developerWorks: Now, on Monday night you've got the fish-bowl sessions as you call them, TQ. What is that?

Quatrani: It's kind of like an interactive panel. You set up the room where you have five chairs in an inner circle and then people surrounding the circle. And the deal is anybody can discuss the question as long as they're sitting in that inner circle. And the idea is to have a facilitator and have people moving in and out of the inner circle.

Wasn't sure how this would work, but when I was at the U.K. event last year. They did it and it was absolutely phenomenal. We saw people jumping in and out of the circle and really, lots of real good interactions.

Gutierrez: TQ, what about our keynote speaker?

Quatrani: You know, it's really exciting this year. We've got a whole list of our technical keynotes with a lot of our leaders like Jon Iwata is coming, Danny Sabbah, and they'll be talking on Monday and Tuesday. I'm really excited about Wednesday's keynote, our guest keynote is Dean Kamen this year.

He's the guy that invented all kinds of stuff, including the Segway. I personally think, Scott, since we've expanded now into three hotels that he should give me a Segway that I can use for the week. [LAUGHTER]

But that sorta-kinda hasn't happened yet.

developerWorks: Wow, that's cool. I'd love to hear him talk.

Fred, what about the Unconference, I've heard about those before. I attended one at IOD a couple years ago. What's going to happen with that?

Gutierrez: Well, as TQ says, we've removed the birds-of-a-feather sessions. As you know, a birds-of-a-feather session is categorized breakouts where we define what the content is and we provide an IBM subject-matter expert to run it. This year, however, in terms of putting the customer first, what we decided to do was run it as an Unconference, rather than birds of a feather.

All the customers that want to come get together in a large plenary room. And you know how the developers and technical practitioners and technical leaders can be ... they are vocal. They are opinionated. And so we're hoping that this forum will give them the opportunity to drive and define the agenda.

It's going to be spirited, it might be a little friendly conflict, but we hope from that conflict and chaos we can bring out some organization and determine using open space technology concepts what it is our customers want to talk about and then flow from the plenary room out to eight different breakout rooms and have discussions about whatever it is that our clients want to discuss.

Moderated of course, we're going to create order out of the chaos. We're going to have an open bar during this and so it should be spirited it and it should be very productive.

developerWorks: So, people should go to, I-N-N-O-V-A-T-E, to register for the conference and map out what you're going to take in while you're there. Again, it's happening June 6-10 in Orlando, Florida, at Walt Disney World Resort. And will you be parking Segways with nice hats on them at every corner in case people need transportation? [LAUGHTER]

Quatrani: I just think that would be really, really cool. [LAUGHTER]

developerWorks: Rational's TQ and Fred Gutierrez. Thank you guys for taking time for this, appreciate it.

Gutierrez: Thank you, Scott.

Quatrani: Thanks, Scott.

developerWorks: As always, check out any of our other podcasts at You can also link to my blog from that page on developerWorks which is IBM's premier technical resource for software developers with tools, code, and education on IBM products and open standards technology. I'm Scott Laningham, talk to you next time.

What's new in the developerWorks community?

developerWorks: But first, developerWorks newsletter editor, John Swanson. John?

Swanson: Hey Scott, how are you doing?

developerWorks: I'm doing good. How are you today?

Swanson: Not bad. This week in the developerWorks newsletter I'm focusing on large amounts of data. You know, you already know about megabytes and gigabytes and maybe even terabytes, but we're starting to think with the increasing size of the Internet, we're starting to think about petabytes and exabytes and zettabytes and yottabytes. That last one is a one with 24 zeroes after it.

developerWorks: Oh, my gosh.

Swanson: Yes, we're dealing with huge, huge amounts of data and it's just getting larger. They don't know how big the Internet is, but those are the kinds of words they're using when they're describing it. And so this week on developerWorks, we're looking at a tool that is used to manipulate large amounts of data and that's called Hadoop.

We've got a couple articles on our Linux® zone about Hadoop. Hadoop is a software framework from Apache, the Apache Software Foundation, that enables distributed manipulation of large amounts of data. And we already have an article on Linux zone about the fundamentals of Hadoop. But now this week we start a series that explores the fundamentals and shows you how to actually get your hands dirty with Hadoop, installing and configuring it and managing it and working with these huge amounts of data. And it can be a really useful tool for that. And it's become very popular; it's only a couple years old, but it's really hot right now.

developerWorks: Hadoop, I wonder if that was one of Yoda's early students or something. Where do these names come from?

Swanson: Very possibly. [LAUGHTER]

And of course, we've always got lots of exciting new pieces running every week on developerWorks, and this week is no exception.

developerWorks: developerWorks newsletter editor, John Swanson. Thanks, John.

Swanson: Thank you, Scott.

developerWorks: Also new this week on developerWorks:

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