Ken Bisconti on ECM and the IOD Conference 2009

Ken Bisconti, vice president for Enterprise Content Management Software Products and Strategy Executive at IBM®, gets excited about the tons of ECM knowledge tools his group plans to present at the IOD 2009 Global Conference.


Scott Laningham (, developerWorks Podcast Editor, IBM developerWorks

Scott LaninghamScott Laningham, host of developerWorks podcasts, was previously editor of developerWorks newsletters. Prior to IBM, he was an award-winning reporter and director for news programming featured on Public Radio International, a freelance writer for the American Communications Foundation and CBS Radio, and a songwriter/musician.

20 October 2009

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developerWorks: This is a developerWorks podcast, I'm Scott Laningham with Ken Bisconti, IBM vice president Enterprise Content Management Software Products and Strategy Executive. He joins us to talk about the ECM presence at the Information On Demand 2009 Global Conference, coming up Oct. 25-29 in Las Vegas, Nev.

Welcome Ken.

Ken Bisconti offers oodles of ECM skills


Bisconti: Thanks Scott.

developerWorks: Ken, obviously ECM is a major presence, will have a major presence at a conference like this. Can you talk a bit about some of the things that'll be going on?

Bisconti: Yeah, I'll be happy to. We're ... everyone in the ECM team is very excited about the IOD Global Conference ... it's the largest conference that we have every year and this year is no different.

Enterprise Content Management will be represented by over 89 technical, skill-building sessions. That includes 20-plus in the case management and process area, 17-odd in compliance, over 35 in content management, and over a dozen in search and discovery.

We'll also have 23 hands-on lab stations also representing business process management, case management, compliance, content management, and search and discovery topics.

Guest: Ken Bisconti

Ken Bisconti says "Our software offerings are designed to make it easier for clients to get the most out of their content management investments. By bundling a complete set of content-centric business process management tools into one offering, IBM has significantly improved the delivery of ECM capabilities ... this allows clients to simplify integration, streamline their business processes and lower costs."

Now we plan to have over a half a dozen birds-of-a-feather sessions. We'll have a special ECM keynote session that Ron Ercanbrack, vice president of the ECM product group will be presenting with myself. And we'll also have a community reception on Sunday night, as well as usability sandboxes and Meet the Experts.

So we're doing our best, taking full advantage of some of the feedback that we got in the past in ways to even further broaden and support the ECM community at the IOD conference.

developerWorks: It sounds like a lot of opportunity for people to interact with key ECM people from IBM too, then, I guess. Right?

Bisconti: Yeah, absolutely. We ... we will have dozens of ECM technical experts, the architects and Distinguished Engineers from the development team will be there, meeting with customers and partners and, you know, we'll make sure that's one of the best services available within the IOD conferences. As well as the general peer-to-peer, you know, communication that we continue to hear is one of the most, you know, valuable aspects of IOD — is folks getting to talk to other folks in the same profession and how they're using ECM within their businesses.

Session: "IBM Enterprise Content Management Product Strategy"

Now more than ever, successful companies are making information an active part of their business processes. With the continued explosive growth of unstructured content, it is imperative that companies use content-centric business processes to gain efficiencies and help satisfy complex compliance requirements. In this presentation, you will learn the latest strategy and vision for IBM Enterprise Content Management and how companies are transforming their businesses. In addition, you'll see how new IBM Enterprise Content Management technology and solutions can help you maximize your current investments by reducing costs and improving efficiency.

developerWorks: Ken, I understand that you'll be hosting a session yourself: "IBM Enterprise Content Management Product Strategy." Can you give us a little preview of what you'll be discussing there?

Bisconti: I will. I'll be co-hosting that with Carl Kessler who is the vice president of development for ECM products and Carl and I will be overviewing the IBM Enterprise Content Management portfolio.

We'll be talking about some recent developments and the investments that we're making going foreward. We'll also show some technical demonstrations of new products that we have either just released or are in the process of releasing soon.

So, we hope to make it a very, both fun-filled and educational, session.

developerWorks: What about any ECM-related announcements, big announcements that people should be looking out for at the conference?

Bisconti: There certainly will be. We've made a number of announcement all throughout the year, but the IOD general global conference will also have some very important announcements, specifically in the areas of information governance, compliance, as well as using analytics technology to abstract better business insight from the unstructured content that our customers are managing in the everyday course of business. That's for everything from fraud detection to ways to optimize business processes.

So, I can't get too specific ... hopefully people will be excited and watching for some of the news ... but those are some general areas you can expect to hear new news from IBM ECM.

developerWorks: So, if you want to hear those in person at the end of October, you need to be at the conference then, don't ya?

Bisconti: That's right. Absolutely.

developerWorks: Let's give that conference URL out again to people: You can register for the Information On Demand 2009 Global Conference coming up October 25 through 29 in Las Vegas, Nevada and you can get a very broad picture on who's going to be speaking and what kind of things will be touched on and talked about in some significant detail at this great conference.

Ken Bisconti, VP Enterprise Content Management Software Products and Strategy Executive at IBM ... thanks Ken.

Bisconti: Thanks Scott ... I hope to see everyone in Las Vegas.

developerWorks: This has been a developerWorks podcast. I'm Scott Laningham.



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