IOD '09: Day Two: Ron Ercanbrack on ECM analytics and optimization

Ron Ercanbrack, vice president and general manager for IBM® Enterprise Content Management, covers ECM's role in IBM information strategy, including smart archiving, a master content server, and analytics and optimization — from Day Two at the IOD 2009 conference.


Scott Laningham (, developerWorks Podcast Editor, IBM developerWorks

Scott LaninghamScott Laningham, host of developerWorks podcasts, was previously editor of developerWorks newsletters. Prior to IBM, he was an award-winning reporter and director for news programming featured on Public Radio International, a freelance writer for the American Communications Foundation and CBS Radio, and a songwriter/musician.

29 October 2009

Also available in Portuguese

Ercanbrack: We're announcing two products in the area of analytics and optimization that add to the portfolio of enterprise content management and that's our Content Assessment and Content Analytics products. And that gives us deeper integration as we move up the BI {business intelligence] stack and allows customers to do more with the content they already manage inside the firewall.

Ron Ercanbrack shows you how to manage 80 percent of your data


We have a major announcement around our MDM [Master Data Management] integration, our master content server, which I think is going to be great as we tie more into InfoSphere.

And the last one is around our "smart archiving" message that was announced on stage, I think it was Monday morning. So we're at the key ECM. IBM ECM is the heart of the content store. Around that offering, which has an on-premises offering, it has an appliance offering where we're teaming with STG and Tivoli, and it also has a cloud offering ... so we're proud to be one of the first to have a cloud offering from IBM.

developerWorks: I mean, it's certainly an area that not's a luxury for people, that the amount of data is just enormous and it's growing so fast that this is an absolute must ...

Guest: Ron Ercanbrack

As a senior executive for IBM's Enterprise Content Management (ECM) business, 19-year veteran Ron Ercanbrack heads the company's development, marketing, sales, client support and consulting services organizations to promote growth through a strong customer-centric strategy, managing the ECM portfolio of products through both direct and indirect channels.

Ercanbrack: We have to get ahead of this.

developerWorks: ... and it's about how "smart" you do it, right?

Ercanbrack: Yeah. And I don't think it's going to take 100 percent of the market, but, I think it could take 25 percent and we, IBM, need to be in the space. Scott, there are competitors already in the space so I think this is really something that's going to be exciting for IBM.

developerWorks: How do you describe the ECM part of this whole IBM story of solving customers' problems?

Ercanbrack: That's a good question. So, out of ... if you look at the total amount of data, and this chart was actually on Steve Mills's chart today, the total amount of data in any enterprise — big, medium, small — is comprised of 20 percent structured data (stored in a DB2 or Oracle or SQL database); 80 percent of the content is unstructured content. And my business is about managing all the unstructured content.

In fact, what we're doing here is a good example of unstructured content. So, a video stream. A digital voice recording. An Excel spreadsheet. You know ... a piece of paper that someone scans in or faxes over or converts into a digital image. That's all unstructured data.

So our role is to help customers get control of that and we do that by applying business process management, records management and compliance, and search ... and now with the announcements I just talked about, business intelligence around analytics and optimization.



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