IBM RFE Community: How to watch for and get notified about requests

developerWorks explains the technology request for enhancement process

IBM® developerWorks Quality Assurance Lead Govind Baliga explains the software request for enhancement process and shows you how to watch for and get notified about requests on the IBM RFE Community in Part 5 of a six-part video series on how to participate in efforts to make your technology stronger.


Govind Baliga (, Advisory Software Quality Assurance Engineer, IBM

Govind Baliga is an Advisory Software Quality Assurance Engineer for IBM developerWorks. He is responsible for leading test efforts of various developerWorks community applications such as the RFE Community. He holds an undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems from The University of Arizona, Tucson. When he's not busy finding defects he enjoys practicing yoga, hiking outdoors, and traveling to new countries.

09 December 2013

Your narrator is IBM developerWorks Quality Assurance Lead Govind Baliga: Hello. My name is Govind Baliga, and I work at IBM for IBM developerWorks website supporting the IBM RFE Community application. In this tutorial, we'll learn about how to watch for and get notified on requests.

This will include several steps including going to IBM RFE Community website, going to my watchlist, adding a request; and finally, opting in for e-mail notification for requests.

So, let's first just go to IBM RFE Community Web page. We will then go to my stuff. Here we will click on my watchlist. You'll see that I've already added about three requests as part of this watchlist but for the purposes of this tutorial, we'll go ahead and add a new one. To do so, we'll click on add request tab. Since I know the ID of the request, I'll enter it here.

I'll click on view headline to make sure that this is the request I really want to add to my watchlist to further validate this request. I'll click on the link which will open a new tab or a window, which will display the details of the request.

There's another way of adding a request to my watchlist, which is directly from this view request page. On the right side, under request actions module, you can click on add to my watchlist and similarly, you can remove it from my watchlist.

So, this is one method of adding and removing requests to my watchlist directly from the view request page. So, I'll close this and we'll show you on the second way of adding to my watchlist from the my watchlist page.

So, once you have entered the ID, and you have clicked on view headline, optionally you can also categorize the request into another category that you have defined previously. Categories come in handy when you have a large list of requests that you have defined in your my watchlist.

Let's say if you want to filter it by a particular brand or product or any other criteria that you want to sort it out by, you can categorize that request within that my watchlist.

So, for this purpose let me categorize into a category that I have previously defined called Rational. I'll click add request button now. And then I'll see a confirmation that will appear on top of the my watchlist page saying, requested ID No. 40868 was added to the watchlist.

If I scroll down to the bottom of the page, you'll see that the newly added request is now part of my watchlist. Once your requests have been added to my watchlist, you can also download this list of requests in a CSV file, which can then be referred into a spreadsheet application of my choice. You can also click on the RSS link, which you can use it to subscribe into an RSS feeder of your choice.

Now that I have added the request to my watchlist, I'd like to get email notifications for any activities that occur in any of these requests. To do so, I will click on subscribe link. I will then click on yes to confirm that I want to subscribe to e-mail notification.

You'll see that the link now changes to unsubscribed, meaning that I'm now subscribed to my watchlist. And there are four conditions that will trigger an e-mail notification on a daily basis if you have opted in to receive e-mail, one being if someone adds a comment to the request. Second, if someone adds an attachment to the request. Third, if the status of the request changes; and lastly, if IBM responds to the request. So, all these four conditions will send an e-mail notification if you have opted in to receive one.

So, this concludes the tutorial on how to add a request to my watchlist, and also I have shown you the option to opt in for e-mail notification for requests. We hope that by going through this tutorial on how to be able to watch a request and receive automated email notifications of changes to those requests that this will lead you to be more successful in your collaboration and interaction on the RFE Community website. Thank you.


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