Explore virtual patterns

Virtual software patterns provide integrated expertise for applications and system topology management in cloud and other environments

Explore virtual patterns for application deployment and management and management of systems topologies, from basic understanding of their functions in modern IT systems (especially virtualized and cloud environments) to deeper, skills-based knowledge. Follow the resources to expand your expertise on using virtual patterns: Design and development considerations, pattern types and components, pattern functions, predefined pattern samples, and integrating patterns into cloud environments.

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26 September 2012 (First published 31 August 2012)

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Take it from the top

In about a minute, learn what a virtual pattern is and why it can be an important tool in creating an effective, public or private IT system.

This video provides a high-level explanation of virtual application patterns -- used to manage application deployment, behavior, and performance in a systems environment -- and virtual system patterns -- used to manage environmental topologies. Although virtual patterns can be used in environments other than cloud computing ones, they are especially effective in the cloud.

Try out patterns for yourself

Try IBM PureSystems at no charge:

  • Access a cloud-based trial to build innovative solutions quicker by using patterns.
  • Download the IBM Virtual Pattern Kit for Developers to extend the pre-built IBM patterns to meet your needs.

Also, take a look at how a patterns expert would introduce the concept in the blog entry Getting back to the basics: What is a pattern?.

A deeper understanding of virtual patterns

The following videos provide a deep, more technical understanding of virtual patterns, what they can do, and how they are used in various IBM products.

To learn about virtual application patterns and virtual system patterns, watch these videos that describe patterns at work in IBM PureApplication System:

Patterns are also employed in the IBM Workload Deployer appliance, providing rapid provisioning and management of solutions on your private cloud:

Design a virtual system pattern: Key considerations for planning and designing: Begin learning how to design a virtual pattern.

Using virtual patterns in IBM Workload Deployer

Take a look at some examples of virtual patterns and their components. In this article on IBM Workload Deployer, learn how a hardware appliance that provides access to software virtual images, patterns, and virtual application pattern types can be customized, securely deployed, managed, and maintained in a private cloud.

These two resources provide a process for you to observe:

Using virtual patterns on IBM SmartCloud Enterprise and IBM PureSystems expert integrated systems

When you're ready to move learn more about virtual patterns, dive into how virtual patterns are used on such major cloud platforms as IBM SmartCloud Enterprise and the recently released expert integrated systems, IBM PureSystems family.

Discover PureApplication System patterns of expertise provides a gateway of understanding into the IBM PureSystems family of expert integrated systems by providing a tour of the structure of the PureApplication System and virtual patterns of expertise.

From Develop patterns for IBM PureApplication System, you'll get a host of best practices and tips for developing virtual application and virtual system patterns.

These resources will expand on the information from the pair of videos on application and system patterns from the second section:

You can learn from the experience of IT professionals who are using virtual patterns in these real-world activities:

Learn how to Create and customize virtual application patterns by adding components and capabilities with the IBM Workload Plug-in Development Kit.

Finally, our expert shows you how IBM PureApplication System manages the complete life cycle of your virtual application.

To explore virtual patterns further, visit the:


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