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  • Leveraging PHP V5.3 namespaces for readable and maintainable code

    PHP namespaces provide methodology to help keep your classes readable and logical while keeping them from clashing because of common names. Get an overview of namespace syntax, learn best practices, and see a miniature sample MVC application that uses namespaces.

PHP V5.3 invigorates object-oriented programming with late static binding: PHP V5.3 resolved a number of object-oriented programming (OOP) issues with its late static binding (LSB) feature. Find out how LSB fixes some of PHP's OOP coding issues and learn how to implement some well-known object-oriented design patterns that require the use of LSB. More

Python basics for PHP developers: Check out the world of Python development from a PHP developer's perspective, translating familiar PHP concepts, such as variables, lists, and functions, into their Python equivalents. More

Cook up Web sites fast with CakePHP: The relative free-form nature of PHP is an advantage and an obstacle. It's easy to develop code quickly, but challenging to keep it all organized among developers. When you need to do design quickly, you need something to help keep it together. CakePHP is a stable, production-ready, rapid-development aid for building Web sites in PHP. This newly updated five-part series will take you through everything you need to get started. More

Understanding the Zend Framework: It's been four years since this series published, and since then, the Zend Framework has become one of the most popular PHP frameworks. Technical alliances with companies such as Abobe, Microsoft, and IBM have strengthened the support and stability of the framework, which is now used by startups and Fortune 500s worldwide. Learn more in this series, which chronicles the creation of a new online RSS/Atom feed reader. More

Cloud computing with PHP, Part 3: Using Amazon SQS with the Zend Framework: Cloud computing can be as easy as PHP. In this article, learn how to use Zend to easily manage message queues with Amazon's cloud services and how to do several important tasks with the Simple Queue Service. More

Efficient mathematical processing using Scilab through PHP: Freely available data on the Internet, combined with open source scientific computational libraries, provide the means for anyone to create results and share them with the community. See how to combine online data, the Scilab environment, and PHP for results. More


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