Apache Geronimo project resources

Project information for Apache Geronimo developers


Apache Geronimo on Grails: See how easy Grails can make Web development and how easy Geronimo can make Grails deployment. Learn how a Grails application can leverage the resources and services provided by Geronimo.

Design and implement POJO Web services using Spring and Apache CXF, Part 1: Build and develop a Web service using Apache CXF and Spring without much coding effort. Learn about the CXF framework's features and about Spring integration with CXF using a bean context file.

Give Apache Geronimo a Lift: Lift is a new Web application framework, built on Scala. It is the perfect partner for a highly scalable application server like Apache Geronimo. Learn to create a Web application using Lift and deploy it to Geronimo.

Mock Web services with Apache Synapse to develop and test Web services: Create mock Web services using Synapse to validate request messages and feed in the required response messages for the external Web service calls during development and testing.

Database applications made easy with WebSphere Application Server Community Edition, DB2 Express-C and Eclipse: Develop a simple database application using WebSphere Application Server Community Edition V2.0 in powerful combination with Eclipse and IBM DB2 Express-C.