Apache Geronimo project resources

Project information for Apache Geronimo developers

Download WebSphere Application Server Community Edition
This lightweight J2EE application server is built on Apache Geronimo, the open source application server project of the Apache Software Foundation. Use it to help you accelerate your development and deployment efforts — it's quick, easy to download, and free to use!

Eclipse Web Tools Platform - Apache Geronimo server adapter/plug-in
The Eclipse WTP now supports the Apache Geronimo server. Develop and deploy Web applications directly to this popular Web application server from within Eclipse.

M4 Milestone of Eclipse Web Tools Project
Download the stable build M4 Milestone of the Eclipse WTP.

The Display Tag Library
Use this open source, JSP tag library to display a tabular representation of a collection of Java objects.

Subversion 1.2.1
Get the latest release of this open source version-control system.

Check out the open source, modular, configurable, and extendable Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) Container System and EJB Server.

MC4J Management Console
Use this software to connect to J2EE application servers to expose standard and custom information via the JMX specification. You can browse existing managed beans (MBeans), update configurations, monitor operation and execute tasks.

Jetty Server and Servlet Container
Download the latest version of this 100% Java HTTP Server and Servlet Container.