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A tour of Eclipse Helios: What could be more fun than 39 simultaneous releases of Eclipse projects? The release — with 33 million lines of code from 500 Eclipse committers — showcases the diversity and innovation going on inside the Eclipse ecosystem. Get an overview of several projects, plus resources to learn more.

Develop a Facebook application with Eclipse Galileo: Learn how to use the mature Web Tools Platform release of Galileo to develop, debug, and deploy a restaurant search Facebook application. Along the way, you will take advantage of various aspects of the Facebook Application API and the Facebook Connect API.

Document IT solutions with custom Eclipse information centers, Part 3: Understand the tradeoffs in content currency as you practice including links to content, copies of content, or both. Investigate techniques that will infuse new content into a solution information center after you deliver it to its audience.

Document IT solutions with custom Eclipse information centers, Part 2: Accelerate your ability to capture and reuse content: Here in Part 2 of this series, master techniques for collecting and customizing reusable content for a solution information center that describes your IT project. Learn fast paths for capturing many documents at once for instant reuse.

Document IT solutions with custom Eclipse information centers, Part 1: Create your first information center: Recap and deliver your IT project experience for the benefit of clients, colleagues, and your own records. Aggregate, organize, and share presentations, demos, product documentation, feeds, code samples, and other information you've created or reused for delivery in an Eclipse-based information center.

More about faster coding in Eclipse Galileo: Using code templates: Get a tip on how to edit existing Eclipse code templates and how to define new ones. Learn how to increase your productivity and make your code more predictable.


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IBM Build-to-Manage (BtM) Toolkits
The open source Build-to-Manage (BtM) Toolkits make it easy for developers to add manageability to distributed Java applications. Learn how to simplify life for other developers and operations managers.

WebSphere Application Server Community Edition
Learn more about IBM's free lightweight J2EE application server that provides a readily accessible and flexible foundation for building Java applications.
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