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  • Offline Ajax with Apache Derby

    Some users love Ajax applications so much they are ready to ditch their desktop equivalents. The only problem happens when they go offline. Apache Derby is a great option for enabling offline access to Ajax-powered applications. Here's how.


Use GaianDB to get specific data anywhere in the network as if it were a local database: GaianDB is an extension to Apache Derby that federates heterogenous back-end data sources using a logical table abstraction layer. But its principal feature is its ability to autonomically discover and federate other GaianDBs, federating nodes such that a whole network of nodes can be formed.

Developing with Apache Derby -- Hitting the Trifecta: Java database development with Apache Derby, Part 6: In this final installment of the Hitting the Trifecta column, Robert Brunner shows you how to build a self-contained, deployable embedded Derby database application.

Rapid prototyping with Apache Derby and JRuby on Rails: JRuby makes Ruby faster and more scalable than ever. The combination of Derby, JRuby, and Rails allows for rapid prototyping of dynamic Web apps. Use these technologies together to help you prototype your next great idea.

Java database development with Derby, Part 5: Learn how to use PreparedStatement objects more effectively to support more advanced queries.

Java database development with Derby, Part 4: Dynamically modify data in an Apache Derby database using several methods: SQL cursors, an updateable ResultSet, or both.

Apache Derby resources from the Web services perspective, Part 3: Create a WS-Resource out of the Derby database, resulting in a Web service that lets you start and stop Derby remotely using a Web services client.