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  • Top 10 Bluemix tutorials: Winter 2015

    The developerWorks editorial team recommends their favorite recent quick-starts, tutorials, and videos that highlight the Bluemix solutions that help you build and deploy your apps in the cloud.


  • A year of Bluemix: Top 10 apps

    See which Bluemix apps made the dW editorial team's list of favorites. From water conservation to taking on Watson, tracking your fitness, and finding your parked car, this list has a bit of everything. Jenni Aloi / 10 March 2015

  • Join the Web Components revolution with Polymer

    Assemble modern web and mobile applications with reusable, composable visual and functional components. Sing Li / 02 September 2014

  • Create an IBM Watson explorer with React

    Create an app on Bluemix for exploring three major Watson services: Language Identification, Question and Answer, and Machine Translation. Sing Li / 27 February 2015

  • Build a Where? app for web and Pebble users

    Where am I? Where can I go? Where have I been? In this tutorial, you'll build a client/server app that answers these and other "where" questions for web users and for wearers of the Pebble smartwatch. Tony Erwin / 02 December 2014

  • Build a connected-car IoT app with Geospatial Analytics

    Deploy and extend an Internet of Things (IoT) Connected Vehicle starter kit on Bluemix with the Internet of Things and Geospatial services. Bryan Boyd / 19 February 2015

  • Build a chat app with Pyramid, SQLDB, and Bluemix

    Create Bluemix-friendly applications using the Pyramid framework and discover the interoperability between a NodeJS SocketIO communication layer and a Python-based web app framework. Igor Belyi / 03 February 2015