JDBC Provider and Data Source Configuration for DB2 v9 in WAS v7

This demonstration video will cover JDBC provider and Data Source configuration for DB2 v9 in WAS v7.

Priamo Persichetti (priamop@us.ibm.com), Technical Enablement Specialist: BP.WebSphere-SOA Base, IBM

Priamo Persichetti works in the Worldwide WebSphere Business Partners - Technical Enablement organization, in Pittsburgh, PA. He is a Certified System Administrator for WebSphere Application Server and supports IBM Business Partners on many different products including WAS, BPM, among others, with 16 years of experience in the industry. Prior to his current position, he worked on IBM's electronic software distribution tool (ISSI) and supported Lotus Notes. He has a Master's degree in Information Science.

03 December 2013

The motivation for this video was to complete the series on SSL configuration. The first part was a tech talk entitled End-to-End SSL Configuration for IHS v7, WAS v7, and DB2 v9. In that tech talk two assumptions were made before you could enable End-to-End SSL configuration. One was that SSL was configured on DB2 and the second that you configured JDBC Provider and Data Source. This video will demonstrate the later.

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