Automate smarter with Tivoli Provisioning Manager Web Replay

Learn how to use Web Replay.

Nathan Smith (, Software Engineer, IBM

Nathan Smith is a software engineer and works in IBM Software Group Tivoli. Nathan provides resources and training to customers and developers through demos and other learning tools.

13 April 2011

See how to use Web Replay to create a scenario that can then be used as a tutorial, helping a new user to get started. Web replay is a powerful new feature available in IBM® Tivoli® Provisioning Manager and IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager for Software that records and plays back complex tasks such as discovery, software distribution tasks, patch management, and OS management.

Web Replay works by enabling experts to capture their knowledge and make it available to others. With Web Replay a user can "record" the mouse clicks and actions going through any complex task. Afterwards, any user with the appropriate access can run the task. Operations that may require a whole series of clicks can be condensed down to a single push of a button.


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SummaryTitle=Automate smarter with Tivoli Provisioning Manager Web Replay