Using IBM Rational Team Concert with HP ALM

This video demonstrates how users of IBM Rational Team Concert can integrate their HP ALM work by using the IBM Rational Lifecycle Adapter for HP Application Lifecycle Management, or HP ALM.

Amanda Brijpaul (, Instructional Designer, IBM

Author photoAmanda Brijpaul has been with IBM Rational software for 11 years and has worked in training for more than 20 years. She has created training for Rational project, portfolio, and process management tools and methodologies. She currently focuses on Rational reporting software, Rational Lifecycle Integration Adapters, and Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration. (OSLC).

05 April 2013

This part of the IBM® Rational® Lifecycle Integration Adapter video series gives you an overview of how to use the Rational OSLC adapter for HP Application Lifecycle Management, or HP ALM, to establish and follow links between resources. You can reconcile requirement collections with HP ALM test folders to ensure test coverage of your requirements, link failed test runs to work items in Rational Team Concert™, or link change sets there to defects tracked in HP ALM.

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7:35 minutes.


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