Rational Developer for System z: Database development with DB2 and SQL

The IBM Rational Developer for System z workbench contains breakthrough software technology for developing applications in PL/I, Cobol, Assembler, and C/C++. This demo explores the tools and features for DB2 and SQL database development.

Jonathan S Sayles (jsayles@us.ibm.com), EGL Technical Specialist, IBM

Author1 photoJonathan Sayles is a technical sales specialist at IBM® Rational® Software, where he conducts presentations, seminars and training courses, and produces educational materials. Sayles has more than 30 years in the IT education and computer industries, encompassing work within both academic and corporate organizations. Sayles is also engaged as a software developer/designer/consultant, educator and author, with a focus on relational database, IDE, and object technologies.

Kimberlee Maselli (kmaselli@us.ibm.com), Information Designer, IBM

Kim is an information and visual designer in the Rational Software Enterprise Modernization team. She works with the development and usability teams to improve product interface design and documentation, and develop multimedia content to help promote products or educate customers.

Marcia Abercrombie (marciaa@us.ibm.com), Software Tester, IBM

Marcia is a software tester in the Rational Software Enterprise Modernization team and works with software and information development to ensure a quality product.

01 August 2012

IBM® Rational® Developer for System z® enables development of COBOL, PL/I, C++, assembler, and Java® applications for batch, CICS, IMS, and DB2. Rational Developer for System z integrates with existing System z development processes, including problem determination and System z source management systems.


10 minutes.


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