Collaborative design management with Rational Rhapsody Design Manager

See how you can manage complexity, mitigate risk, and improve the overall quality, time, and agility of your systems and software planning, design, and delivery.

Justin Dyer (, Systems Solution Architect, IBM

Justin Dyer is a Systems Solutions Architect at IBM Rational, a leading producer of tools for real-time systems and software development. Since joining IBM Rational (formerly Telelogic and I-Logix) in 1999, he has provided process and tool consulting and training to over 50 industry-leading corporations and government organizations. Justin's most recent focus has been in the area of model driven development for real-time\embedded systems and software. He is intimately familiar with the most widely used modeling languages including UML 2, SysML and DoDAF and he is an expert in the use of Rational Rhapsody for model driven development.

06 June 2011

This demo provides an overview of Rational Rhapsody Design Manager's capabilities to help teams collaborate, share, review and manage their Rational Rhapsody system engineering or embedded software design information within the overall product lifecycle. It shows how design information can be centrally located and accessed using a web client by the extended team or by a Rational Rhapsody client for system engineers and developers using Rational Rhapsody. A central location enables searching across design and lifecycle information to help locate information faster and assists in keeping the entire team informed of the current status of the design.

The demo also describes how to use Rational Rhapsody Design Manager to conduct design reviews that allow stakeholders to provide comments and visual mark-ups linked to the designs. See how you can trace from designs to other lifecycle artifacts using Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) based linking and visualize relationships between designs and lifecycle artifacts through a dependency relationship diagram.


8 minutes


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