Running the agent update utility in Rational Build Forge

Learn how to use the agent update utility to remotely update and deploy IBM Rational Build Forge agents on multiple computers.

Michael Barnes (, Software Development & Support, IBM

Michael Barnes is a Co-op with IBM Rational, a leading producer of tools for real-time systems and software development. He has worked closely with the Rational Build Forge development team on tools such as Agent Update and metric gathering automation with internal IBM products. Michael is currently a student at Virginia tech pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering and in the future he hopes to become a software engineer.

Elissa Redmiles (, Software Development & Support, IBM

Elissa Redmiles is a co-op with IBM Rational. She is soon to complete a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science and Psychology at the University of Maryland. Elissa's most recent focus has been on automation development with internal IBM products, product documentation and integrated technical marketing approaches for Rational Build Forge.

30 August 2011

The agent update and deployment utility, agentupdate, simplifies installing and updating the IBM® Rational® Build Forge® agent on multiple computers. This utility can install or update the agent on all target computers at the same time. The agent update uses an XML file that you provide to determine the target computers, login credentials for those computers, connection methods, and related information. This demo shows you how to create the XML file and then run the agent update tool.


3 minutes.





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