Explore Java, COBOL, and DB2 assets using IBM Rational Asset Analyzer

Learn about COBOL, Java (WAR), and related DB2 assets, including embedded SQL, by exploring the features of the Rational Asset Analyzer browser user interface.

Leshek Fiedorowicz (Leshek@us.ibm.com), Rational Manager, IBM

Leshek Fiedorowicz joined IBM after many years of consulting for the computer hardware and software industry (including Lexmark, IBM, and Microsoft) and many successful application programming projects for various manufacturers. Currently he is a leader of IBM Rational Asset Analyzer development and strategy. He holds Master of Science degree in Computer Science and Masters Certificate in Project Management.

15 February 2012

IBM® Rational® Asset Analyzer provides insight into an application's structure for both the experienced and new developer. Understanding existing application relationships means changes can be made with fewer mistakes and with more focused yet still comprehensive testing, helping complete projects on time and within budget.


8 minutes


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SummaryTitle=Explore Java, COBOL, and DB2 assets using IBM Rational Asset Analyzer