Migrate Rational DOORS data via ReqIF to DOORS NG/Rational Requirements Composer

In this demonstration, we will export from Rational DOORS and import to Rational DOORS Next Generation by using ReqIF.

Yianna Papadakis (ypapadak@us.ibm.com), Rational Learning - Curriculum Architect, IBM

yiannaYianna Papadakis-Kantos is the curriculum architect and instructional designer for IBM Rational DOORS, and IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation. Her background consists of many years of teaching, consulting and developing training, for enterprise architecture management and model driven development for system, software and testing.

21 September 2013

Data can be exported from IBM Rational DOORS and imported to IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation or IBM Rational Requirements Composer. The migration uses the Object Modeling Group standard, Requirements Interchange Format, or ReqIF. A ReqIF file is created and used to exchange requirements and associated metadata between requirements tools or requirements repositories. In this video, you will see how to use ReqIF to export data from a source database in Rational DOORS, and then import it to a target database that either Rational DOORS Next Generation or Rational Requirements Composer uses.


17 minutes 29 sec


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SummaryTitle=Migrate Rational DOORS data via ReqIF to DOORS NG/Rational Requirements Composer