Integrate IBM Rational Requirements Composer and HP ALM with Rational Lifecycle Adapters

If you use HP Application Lifecycle Management software (HP ALM) for quality management, you can use the IBM Rational Adapter for HP ALM to integrate data with Rational Requirements Composer, Rational DOORS Next Generation, Rational Team Concert, or Rational ClearQuest. Developers, testers, and analysts can then work in their own tools and collaborate with each other by using linked resources. This demonstration shows how the Rational Adapter for HP ALM integrates data across HP ALM and Rational requirements management tools. The demo shows Rational Requirements Composer, but DOORS Next Generation works the same way.

Jason A. Green (, Rational Learning - Curriculum Architect, IBM

Jason Green is an IBM Rational course developer with nine years of software training experience in a range of software products, from enterprise architecture and object modeling software to collaborative application lifecycle management, APM, and OSLC. His expertise is in video learning and accelerated multimedia training. Jason operates multiple YouTube channels for IBM Rational software and consults on multimedia projects across IBM. He currently focuses on the integration of traditional text-based learning formats and the next generation of searchable, indexed video training. Jason has written many articles on the future of electronic learning and continues to research the subject. He resides in the New England region of the US.

24 April 2013

Using this integrated environment, you can link test plans to associated requirements collections, and you can reconcile requirements collections with HP ALM test folders to ensure test coverage of requirements. The Rational Lifecycle Integration Adapters also integrate the Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) with selected non-IBM software. The adapters enable IBM Rational customers to get greater value from CLM applications when working in an environment with ALM tools from different companies. The first release includes adapters for HP ALM, Atlassian JIRA, and Git software.

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8:11 minutes.


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