Smarter Application Portfolio Management with Rational Focal Point

See an example of what can be accomplished with Rational solutions. This demo gives you an idea of how Rational solutions can work and the value they can bring to your organization.

Johan Hedstrom (, GTM Marketing Manager, IBM

Johan works for the IBM Software Group, in the Rational marketing organization where he is responsible for product and portfolio management (PPM) go-to-market. Johan has previously worked with IBM customers as a Nordic lead for PPM. He has gathered valuable insight and knowledge on PPM from those customers, and uses that experience to continue to support and help partners and customers with current challenges.

27 September 2011

Reducing cost, mitigating risk and improve agility are things that are important for organizations. Today significant amount of funds are spent to just keeping the lights on - creating high costs and risks with little or no agility. With IBM® Rational® solutions for Application Portfolio Management, organizations can optimize IT alterations to support business changes.

Application Portfolio Management is the practice of continuously assessing the applications that run your business in terms of their business value, enhancement potential, and cost. It provides a transparent and objective process for managing investments in existing applications. It does so by providing the information gathering and analytics capabilities to enable better and faster decisions. In most organizations, information around the application inventory, the associated technology, financial performance, business value, technical debt and service quality is distributed across siloed organizations, a myriad of spreadsheets and systems, or in people’s head. This prevents meaningful analysis of this information at time of decision making.


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