Introduction to linked data and OSLC

Learn the concepts of linked lifecycle data and its application in this introduction to Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC).

Amanda Brijpaul (, Instructional Designer, IBM

Author photoAmanda Brijpaul has been with the IBM Rational for eleven years. She has worked in training for over twenty years. Amanda has created training for Rational project, portfolio and process management tools, and methodologies. Her current focus is IBM Rational reporting solutions, OSLC, and IBM Rational Lifecycle Integration Adapters.

04 April 2013

Improve your understanding of linked lifecycle data in this introduction for new beginners. OSLC was created by a community trying to learn from past integration approach mistakes. The community evolves specifications and implementations, and uses open participation around active core groups. The OSLC approach is minimalist and doesn’t try to give a complete definition for a given area, but instead it uses a scenario driven scope. OSLC can turn lifecycle data into connected information.


8:08 minutes


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SummaryTitle=Introduction to linked data and OSLC