Configuring IBM InfoSphere Optim Open Data Manager in Microsoft Windows

This demo shows how to configure IBM InfoSphere Optim Open Data Manager (ODM) in a Microsoft Windows environment, and how to test that the configuration is successful. The demo assumes that the user has already installed ODM and Optim Connect 5.3.2 as part of the Optim installation and loaded the Optim sample database tables.

Timothy Smith (, Optim Development Team Leader, IBM

Timothy Smith is a development team leader on the InfoSphere Optim - Distributed project. His specialties include Open Data Manager and related near-line technologies.

William Steinagle (, Advisory Software Engineer, IBM

William Steinagle is an advisory software engineer in InfoSphere Optim Support. He handles customer requests for support on Open Data Manager and other Optim Data products.

Jeffrey Tuck (, Product Manager, IBM

Jeffrey Tuck is a product manager for the InfoSphere Optim solutions. Jeff is responsible for identifying and delivering new Optim features, and for integrating Optim with other IBM products and third-party software.

Vicky Braun (, Information Developer, IBM

Vicky Braun is an information developer for the InfoSphere Optim solutions. She works with Optim product engineering and support teams to develop user information for the Optim solutions.

02 August 2012

Optim™ Open Data Manager (ODM) allows you to access data in Optim archive files and archive file collections. Learn how to configure IBM® InfoSphere® Optim Open Data Manager in a Microsoft® Windows® environment.


14 minutes


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