Creating comparison and synchronization reports with InfoSphere Data Architect

See how Tom, a data modeler for the Sample Outdoors company, uses comparison and synchronization reports to distribute information about proposed, upcoming, and implemented changes to data models.

Joseph Yeh (, Software Engineer, IBM

Joseph Yeh works as an advisory software engineer and developer for Rational Data Architect. In his career with IBM, Joseph has been a developer for the PL/1 compiler, the DB2 Stored Procedure Builder, the DB2 Development Center and the Rational Application Developer. Joseph has a MS in Computer Science from UC Berkeley.

Erin A. Wilson (, Information Development lead, IBM

Erin A. Wilson is an information developer at IBM Silicon Valley Lab in San Jose, California. She works in the Information Management organization documenting data modeling and data warehousing tools. Before writing for the InfoSphere Data Architect team, she documented the Cubing Services component of InfoSphere Warehouse.

01 October 2012 (First published 17 November 2011)

This demo shows you how to use InfoSphere Data Architect to create a copy of an existing data model and update the copy, generate reports for each step of the process, and how to generate DDL to provide to the database administrator so that application developers can use the updated model once the DDL is deployed.


12:38 minutes


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SummaryTitle=Creating comparison and synchronization reports with InfoSphere Data Architect