Efficient multidimensional data modeling with InfoSphere Data Architect

Learn how InfoSphere Data Architect is efficiently used in multidimensional data modeling.

Thuan Bui (tqbui@us.ibm.com), IBM Optim Solutions Technical Enablement team, IBM

Thuan Bui has worked more than 25 years for IBM in development, quality assurance, customer support, performance, and management positions in database and data management technology. He currently works on the IBM Optim Solutions Technical Enablement team at Silicon Valley Lab, California, and is responsible for developing demos on IBM Optim products and solutions.

Erin A. Wilson (wilsone@us.ibm.com), Information Development lead, InfoSphere Data Architect, IBM

Erin A. Wilson is an information developer at IBM Silicon Valley Lab in San Jose, California. She works in the Information Management organization documenting data modeling and data warehousing tools. Before writing for the InfoSphere Data Architect team, she documented the Cubing Services component of InfoSphere Warehouse.

19 November 2010

This demo shows how a data architect at a fictional company uses IBM® InfoSphere® Data Architect to efficiently create multidimensional data models of a new data mart, which can be used for business intelligence and analytical reports. The process focuses on data model transformation and validation (including built-in best practices), customizable diagrams, and DDL script generation.

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15 minutes


Product downloadInfoSphere Data Architect91MB to 1250MB



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SummaryTitle=Efficient multidimensional data modeling with InfoSphere Data Architect