IT Forensics Case Management for Incident Response Completes validation with QRadar SIEM


A native right click integration designed to escalate an event to an incident and information is then sent to D3 Security's Incident Response solution where the incident is categorized and the appropriate steps are taken sequentially to mitigate damage from the event.

D3's Incident Response Solution is a unique tool designed to reflect your incident playbook standards and record actions taken to mitigate the damage of an event on your organization. Users are able to right click an event within QRadar and send to D3 IR where the incident is categorized and any and all information captured by QRadar is attached to the incident providing a full picture of the threat. As the Incident Responder continues to go through the individual stages of response the system provides the next course of action, and records all the information and completed tasks with time/date stamps. Once an Incident has been contained and the investigation is complete each field within the incident response is reportable and you can analyze the response time, cost of attack, and even see your most efficient Incident Responders by type of incident.


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