IBM Worklight Foundation

Develop, test, manage, and secure your mobile web, native, and hybrid apps

Worklight Developer Edition V6.2

  • Get Studio and the alternative Command Line Interface for developing apps, and Mobile Test Workbench for testing them.

Tutorials and sample code

  • Learn basics like writing your first app, securing your apps, and accessing back-end applications and cloud services.

Developer Q & A

  • Interact with the Worklight developer support community on Stack Overflow.

User documentation

  • Search the Knowledge Center for comprehensive details on installing, configuring, and using Worklight.

What's new for mobile developers in IBM Worklight Foundation

  • Security

    Now you can enforce security at every level: user, device, data, and application.

  • Improved Worklight API

    The APIs that you can use to develop mobile apps are improved and extended.

  • Extended user reach

    Globalized apps, push notifications, a custom login option, and more enrich the user experience.