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IBM Cloud
Technical Engagement
Smarter process

Transform your business and technical strategies

Transforming your business with smarter processes
is the fastest path to long-term success

IBM Cloud Technical Engagement offers a fast and cost-effective path to successfully adopting business process management with solutions that help you achieve business value through collaboration, build key competencies, sustain your smarter process transformation, and commit to long term success.

What do you need?

  • IBM Quick Win for Business Process Management

    Execute the IBM business process management method in your organization from concept and creation through development and deployment, with only 12 weeks to a deployable solution.

  • IBM Smarter Process Migration Assessment Workshop

    A clear path to migrate from your Teamworks environment to the latest IBM business process management product suites.

  • IBM On Demand Consulting for Smarter Process

    IBM Smarter Process experts can help you by facilitating solution assessments, sample code, solution development guidance, and design documentation, in addition to providing best practice recommendations and team mentoring.

Take the next step

IBM Cloud Technical Engagement offers these and many other services, including custom offerings designed to help you experience long term success with your business process transformation. Contact an IBM Cloud Technical Engagement specialist.

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