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  • Linux on 4 KB sector disks

    Examine the implications for using larger physical sectors for disk layout and system performance. As Advanced Format disks have become the norm, understanding how to cope with these disks is a vital skill for anyone who wants to avoid serious performance penalties associated with suboptimal configuration. This article also includes benchmark tests illustrating the likely real-world effects on some common Linux file systems.


  • Customize and monitor Linux system startup

    Minimizing the amount of time required to boot a computer system is important regardless of whether you are turning on your home computer or restarting a server that provides services to thousands of users.

  • Hardening the Linux desktop

    Secure your Linux desktop. Learn how to install antivirus software, create a backup and restore plan, and use a firewall so you can harden your Linux desktop against most attacks and prevent unauthorized access to your computer.

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  • IBM Developer Kit for Linux, Java 2 Technology Edition

    The IBM Developer Kit for Linux, Java Technology Edition is a development kit and runtime environment that contains IBM's just-in-time compiler, enhanced with a unique Mixed Mode Interpreter and a re-engineered Java virtual machine.

  • Software Development Toolkit for PowerLinux

    The IBM Software Development Kit for PowerLinux (SDK) is a free, Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

  • Advance Toolchain

    The IBM Advance Toolchain for PowerLinux is a set of open source development tools and runtime libraries that gives you leading-edge advantage of the latest IBM Power Systems hardware features on Linux.

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