Simplify XML programming with JDOM

This open-source API makes XML document manipulation easy for Java developers

Building a JDOM document
// Create the root element
Element carElement = new Element("car");
//create the document
Document myDocument = new Document(carElement);
//add an attribute to the root element
carElement.addAttribute(new Attribute("vin", "123fhg5869705iop90"));

//add a comment
carElement.addContent(new Comment("Description of a car"));

//add some child elements
Element make = new Element("make");

//add some more elements
carElement.addContent(new Element("model").addContent("Celica"));
carElement.addContent(new Element("year").addContent("1997"));
carElement.addContent(new Element("color").addContent("green"));
carElement.addContent(new Element("license")
        .addContent("1ABC234").addAttribute("state", "CA"));

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