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IBM developerWorks
developerWorks wins Jolt Product Excellence Award: Recognized as the best "Website and Developer Network"
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March 30, 2004

The IBM developerWorks Web site won one of the most coveted awards in the software development industry this month.

The Jolt Product Excellence award for best "Website and Developer Network" was presented to IBM during a gala ceremony at the SD West 2004 conference in Santa Clara, CA. IBM developerWorks earned the top prize in this competitive category thanks to its superior collection of relevant developer content and resources.

"The richness of information available online to developers has mushroomed in the past few years, matching the hunger from the community to retrieve relevant data and guidance. IBM developerWorks has the deep content, currency, and clean design that developers crave," said Rosalyn Lum, Technical Editor for Software Development magazine. "As one Jolt judge put it, 'IBM invests heavily in this site and it shows.'" Lum also noted that this year's nominees and winners show that open source has "come of age." "There were many more open source offerings nominated and recognized than in years past -- clearly a statement that open source has matured enough to gain recognition and trust in the developer community," Lum said.

This year's award is the latest in a series for IBM's developer Web sites, reflecting a consistently strong dedication to serving the wants and needs of the developer community. Just last year, developerWorks' sister site, alphaWorks, took home the top prize in the Website and Developer Networks category. And two years ago, developerWorks won a Jolt Productivity Award in the same category.

Now in their fourteenth year, the Jolt awards have firmly established themselves in the software development industry. As Symantec's then-general manager of Internet tools, Mansour Safai, once said, "a Jolt Product Excellence Award is one of the top awards a product can receive -- it's like receiving an Oscar." Other industry leaders have noted the Jolt Award's significance and prestige, and have praised the judges' "strong track record of identifying the most innovative and relevant tools." "That track record may be due in part to the fact that many of the original judges continue to participate," said Alexandra Weber Morales, Editor-in-chief of Software Development magazine. "Warren Keuffel, Larry O'Brien, Andrew Binstock, Alan Zeichick, Stan Kelly-Bootle, and Guy Scharf have all contributed for over a decade." The inspiration for the awards, Software Development's Morales added, "was a mock product review comparing the stimulating properties of caffeinated beverages for late-night coding marathons."

Eclipse, WebSphere, Rational also honored
The Eclipse framework open source software development project, which IBM strongly supports, also won a Jolt Product Excellence Award. "The judges felt that this was the most powerful IDE in its class," said Morales. "Big Blue's decision to release the WebSphere codebase as open source has had a resounding impact on the Java community. Indeed, Eclipse has become the platform of choice for many tool developers who enjoy its extensibility and intelligence."

IBM also won two other Jolt awards. IBM WebSphere Studio Device Developer 5.6 won a Productivity Award in the Mobile Development Tools category, and IBM Rational won a Productivity Award in the Change and Configuration Management Tools category for ClearCase Change Management Solution Enterprise Edition.


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IBM developerWorks
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