IBM RFE Community, Release 9

New features

Find out what's new in the RFE Community. With Release 9, the RFE Community provides new features that keep you up to date on the requests for enhancement (RFE) you're watching and are interested in.


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26 May 2011

Email this RFE

One new function in Release 9 of the RFE Community is the ability to email an individual RFE. After you have submitted an RFE, you can email that RFE to others who may be interested in the RFE. Within the email you can provide additional details for the recipient to give background information on why you thought they would be interested in that RFE.

Voting updates

The RFE Community allows you to vote for RFEs that you place a higher value on as well as RFEs that are of great interest to you or your project. In previous releases of the RFE Community, you were limited in the number of RFEs you could vote for. In Release 9, however, the vote function has been changed to allow an unlimited number of votes. However, you can still only vote for an individual RFE once.

CSV function for search

Previously, the RFE Community allowed you to save your watchlist or a group watchlist to a .CSV file. With Release 9, you can now also save your search results to a .CSV file. Simply search for RFEs and then click Download as .CSV file on the search results page.

Announcements and tutorials

Included with Release 9 are two new pages to help you when you are working in the RFE Community. The Announcements page, which can be reached from the Spotlight box on the main RFE Community page, gives you the latest updates on what is happening with the community.

The Tutorials page provides demos that show how to use the main features of the RFE Community. The Tutorials page will be coming soon; as demos are created, they will be added to this page.



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