IBM RFE Community, Release 6

New features

Find out what's new in the RFE Community. With Release 6, the RFE Community provides new features that keep you up to date on the requests for enhancement (RFE) you're watching and are interested in.


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27 May 2010

Multiple watchlists

In Release 6, the RFE Community now gives you the ability to have multiple watchlists for an individual user or a group.

You can extend your current My watchlist function to have multiple views. Essentially, you now have the ability to categorize RFEs within your watchlist to create your own unique views of your watchlist. The criteria you use to filter the RFEs allows you to customize what you see in a watchlist.

Note: Although you can have multiple views or multiple categories within your watchlist, you will not be able to rank RFEs in the categorized watchlists. The default watchlist (non-filtered) is the only watchlist that will allow you to rank RFEs. The categorized watchlists will show the rank of an RFE but will not allow the rank to be modified.

Along with your individual categorized RFE watchlists, the RFE Community also allows this function with group watchlists. A group's owner or administrator can create and manage categories. A group member can add RFEs to the group watchlist. However, the group member cannot create unique views; group members can only view unique categories. As with the individual watchlist views, the RFEs within the filtered watchlists cannot be ranked.

RSS feeds

Another new feature in Release 6 of the RFE Community is the ability to set up RSS feeds based on the brand, product, and product family. Using the My RSS feeds page, you can retrieve the latest information for the RFEs you're interested in, RFEs in your group watchlists, or specific RFE Community feeds, and can view these feed subscriptions in one place, giving you the ability to easily keep up to date with what you're tracking. By allowing you to specify individual brands or products within the RSS feeds, you can customize your feeds even further.

CSV file

Within the RFE Community, you already had the ability to save information on your watchlist or a group watchlist as a CSV file. With Release 6, CSV downloads are available for additional information including the top 20 watched or voted RFEs, Planned or Delivered RFEs, and My RFEs. Additionally, the CSV data can be filtered by brands, product families, and products.

New page design

As you work your way through the RFE Community, you may notice that some pages have an updated look and feel. Applications across all IBM sites are being updated to provide a more streamlined and accessible look and feel. The RFE Community is part of this redesign effort. Because we'll be incorporating these updated pages throughout several releases, you'll notice gradual changes throughout the application. In Release 6, the following pages have the updated design:

  • Search pages
  • My RSS feeds
  • My notifications
  • Top 20 watched RFEs
  • Top 20 voted RFEs
  • Planned RFEs
  • Delivered RFEs



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