IBM RFE Community, Release 13

New features

Find out what's new in the RFE Community. With Release 13, the RFE Community provides new features that keep you up to date on the requests you're watching and are interested in.


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09 November 2013

New design

With Release 13 of the RFE Community comes a new look and feel to the following pages:

  • My watchlist
  • Group watchlist
  • Saved searches
  • Create group
  • Edit group
  • Manage group members
  • Administrative pages

These pages now have a more user-friendly design that complies with IBM design and accessibility standards. This updated design provides simplified, easy-to-read content for RFE Community users. This new design, along with the previouly added tab and subtab navigation, simplifies the overall site and gives you a clearer picture of the site's organization.

Company search

You can now use the Company search filter to search for requests that have similar company values. This search function is based on your entitlement to search for companies, and because of this entitlement, the "Company" search filter is intended for only a select set of users. However, if you would like to use this function, you can contact product support, client advocates, or RFE Community administrators.

Watchlist updates

When downloading a watchlist to a CSV file, the file will now include a column with the category values that have been assigned to the RFEs in that watchlist. This allows you to filter the RFE list by the category values when importing the list into other applications.



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