IBM Business Analytics Diagnostics: Use Case: Viewing All Users and Capabilities in IBM Cognos BI

Product(s): IBM Cognos BI; Area of Interest: Infrastructure

Gathering capabilities and group/role information associated with users for each namespace.


Business Analytics Proven Practices Team, Business Analytics Proven Practices Team, IBM

Business Analytics Proven Practices Team

16 May 2013



This document is intended to provide a troubleshooting methodology which incorporates publicly available utilities to diagnose and resolve an issue identified within a specific use case. The use case will be presented as a scenario where an IBM Cognos Support Analyst is working with a client to diagnose and solve a particular issue.

The utilities mentioned in this document can be found at:


Although the troubleshooting approach outlined is not IBM Cognos BI version specific, some of the diagnostic utilities used are. The version of the utility to be downloaded will be specific to the IBM Cognos BI version that is experiencing the issue.

Use Case Description

In this particular scenario, a Support Analyst is presented with a situation where the IBM Cognos Administrator is receiving complaints from users where they do not have access to Report Studio in the IBM Cognos BI environment.

Troubleshooting the Use Case

The environment consists of a single server install with the following details:

  • IBM Cognos version: 10.2
  • Operating System: Windows 2008 R2 64 bit
  • Authentication Source: Active Directory Server 2008

The first thing that the Support Analyst asks the IBM Cognos Administrator to do is to check to see if the users have the right capabilities and permissions to access Report Studio. There are couple of ways that this can be checked.

System Administration

An IBM Cognos Administrator can log in to IBM Cognos Administration and from the Security tab, check the properties of all the affected users to see what groups and roles they belong to and what their capabilities are. Depending on the security structure this can be a little cumbersome.

IBM Cognos BI User Capabilities Utility

This utility provides a fast way for an IBM Cognos Administrator to see a user’s security setting in a tree view on a single screen. This utility also allows one to export the view to a text or XML file.

The IBM Cognos Administrator decided to download the User Capabilities Utility from to check the security properties of the affected users.

After running the utility and viewing the results in tree view, he found that the affected users belonged to a specific group that did not have the Create permission on Report Studio. The IBM Cognos Administrator went into the Cognos Administration tool and added the group to the Create/Delete property of the Report Studio capability. The users now have access to Report Studio.


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