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Scott Laningham (, developerWorks Podcast Editor, IBM developerWorks

Scott LaninghamScott Laningham, host of developerWorks podcasts, was previously editor of developerWorks newsletters. Prior to IBM, he was an award-winning reporter and director for news programming featured on Public Radio International, a freelance writer for the American Communications Foundation and CBS Radio, and a songwriter/musician.

Lindsay Curtis, Market Management Lead, IBM developerWorks

Lindsay Curtis phtotoLindsay Curtis, Market Management Lead at IBM developerWorks, has a profound interest in the intersection of business and technology. Prior to IBM, Lindsay worked in strategic communications at the United States Senate and Georgetown University and holds her MBA from the University of Notre Dame.

21 October 2011 (First published 05 July 2011)

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Esri, SpotOn Systems, and IBM Cognos on GIS technology and the public sector. (October 14, 2011)

Listen now: As governments are being asked to do more with less, mapping and geospatial technologies are being used as predictive and analytical tools to enable timely and informed decision making. Steve Trammell (Esri), Dave Kerr (SpotOn Systems), and Rob Dolan (IBM) discuss business intelligence through the use of GIS technology in order to put data into a real world context for public sector decision makers. GIS solutions are adaptive and used in a number of scenarios, including crime prevention and even constituent sentiment based on social media data. Learn more about the architecture of these solutions and how they are integrated with IBM Cognos and other applications.

Steve Trammell, IBM Alliance Manager at Esri, has been involved with applying computer technology to mapping for over 40 years. Steve has worked in the marketing division of Esri for the past 16 years and is currently working in Alliances and IT Marketing where he promotes the value of geoanalytics and map-based visual discovery in technologies complimentary to GIS, such as business analytics and asset management.
Rob Dolan, Worldwide Industry Executive for Public Sector for IBM Business Analytics, is responsible for defining the business analytics solution strategy for public sector worldwide and working with public sector leaders to implement outcomes-based performance strategies to help the public sector deliver the best possible services to their constituents. Robert has 20 years experience working in a variety of marketing and sales roles, focused in public sector including solution and strategy development, business development, industry marketing, and field marketing with software companies, solution providers and resellers.
Dave Kerr, Technical Marketing Manager at SpotOn Systems, an IBM partner that specializes in the integration of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence with Esri GIS. With over 20 years of experience in business intelligence, Dave is the product champion for SpotOn's marquee product, SpotOn Vantage Maps. Prior to joining SpotOn, Dave served numerous marketing and product development roles at both IBM and Cognos.

Mauricio Andrade discusses delivering smarter transportation through the use of a centralized business intelligence system (August 3, 2011)

Listen now: Softwell's Mauricio Andrade talks about Techbus, the cutting edge technology that has reduced fuel costs and offered real time tracking to meet the needs of a growing population and thriving tourism industry. Mauricio explains the Techbus technology, a joint solution that uses IBM Cognos Business Intelligence, DB2, Informix, and WebSphere Application Server.

Mauricio Andrade, Softwell's Head of Delivery and Customer Services, specializes in IT project management, ITIL and PMP. Mauricio is responsible for the development, implementation and support of Softwell's specialized solutions, including MAKER ALL and MAKER MOBILE.

Craig Hayman discusses Smarter Commerce solutions and Smarter Cities (June 27, 2011)

Listen now: Craig Hayman, general manager of Industry Solutions, IBM Software Group, tells us about Smarter Commerce and the Intelligent Operations Center for Smarter Cities and discusses the importance of developer skills in the Industry Solutions space.

As general manager, Mr. Hayman has oversight for a business unit focused on delivering high value, integrated solutions that enable better business outcomes for clients by building smarter industries – a portfolio that includes IBM Industry Frameworks, Enterprise Content Management solutions, Enterprise Marketing Management solutions, and Industry Solution products.

Kevin Beasley on enterprise resource planning in manufacturing and distribution (May 19, 2011)

Listen now: VAI's Kevin Beasley tells us about implementing IBM solutions in manufacturing and distribution and IT challenges in the industry.

Kevin Beasley is the CIO of VAI, providing vision and leadership in technology planning as he oversees both the corporation’s technology strategy in conjunction with product development and the internal information technology initiatives that support the goals of VAI. With an in-depth working knowledge of enterprise resource planning software development, Beasley is an integral part of VAI’s leadership team.

SIS InfoManagement's Cesar Lugo Marcos explores process optimization and driving efficiencies in the retail industry (April 19, 2011)

Listen now: In this engaging discussion, Cesar talks about IT challenges for retailers and utilizing technology as an enabler for driving business value. Cesar discusses a Mexican retail chain that was able to improve inventory management and analytics through the implementation of IBM SurePOS, Informix Dynamic Server, and SIS InfoManagement's Sonorous technology.

Cesar, Product Director for SIS InfoManagement, has been a partner, founder and managing director of the SIS Info_Mercio business unit belonging to the SIS Organización, which provides IT solutions for retail. He has more than 20 years of experience managing Retail technology implementation projects and has been a consultant and director of implementation projects in companies like Wal-Mart Mexico, Swarovski,and PPG Industries.





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