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Learn node.js development from these top Bluemix guides
Read a collection of tutorials that covers a variety of node.js programming topics in the context of IBM Bluemix so you can leverage IBM's cloud platform and get the most out of your node.js application.
11 Mar 2015
Build and use Docker on the IBM POWER Linux platform
Learn how to use Docker on the POWER Linux platform. This article describes how to compile Docker binaries using gccgo as the compiler back end. The article also explains how to build an Docker private registry to host private Docker images. A list of additional resources is provided at the end of the tutorial.
03 Mar 2015
InfoSphere Guardium and the Amazon cloud, Part 2: Secure storage on the cloud for backup and restore
The growing number of relational databases on the cloud accentuates the need for data protection and auditing. InfoSphere Guardium offers real-time database security and monitoring, fine-grain database auditing, automated compliance reporting, data-level access control, database vulnerability management, and auto-discovery of sensitive data in the cloud. With the Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), you can create and use your own database instances in the cloud and build your own applications around them. This two-part series explores how to use InfoSphere Guardium to protect database information in the cloud. Part 1 describes how to use InfoSphere Guardium's discovery and vulnerability assessment with Amazon RDS instances. This tutorial covers how InfoSphere Guardium uses Amazon S3 for backup and restore.
23 Oct 2014
Use notebooks in the cloud for great data science
Deploy an IPython Notebook server to SoftLayer: Provision a virtual machine with the Docker application-container engine on it, pull an official IPython repository from Docker Hub, and run the IPython Notebook server in a container. Then upload and play with a sample notebook that explores airline on-time performance data from
Also available in: Chinese   Japanese  
20 Oct 2014
Build a network assurance solution with Node.js, WebSocket, Cloudant, and MongoDB
Connect data from systems of record to Bluemix applications by using Secure WebSocket (WSS) and Secure HTTP (HTTPS) file uploads, persisting the data into instances of MongoDB and Cloudant Bluemix services.
Also available in: Chinese   Japanese   Portuguese  
24 Sep 2014
Build a WebSocket app to visualize tweet volumes on a map
Use WebSocket, Twitter search, and the Google Maps API to create a Node.js web app that shows the origin of tweets on a map in real time.
Also available in: Chinese   Japanese   Portuguese  
23 Sep 2014
Build a table-driven storage container application in the cloud
Use Node.js and a Cloudant database to issue create, read, update, and delete operations with the help of a jTable (jQuery-based table package) on IBM Bluemix, with special code to handle clipboard copy operations for masked table data.
Also available in: Chinese   Japanese  
08 Sep 2014
Build a Hangman game with Java, Ajax, and Cloudant
Learn how to build an online Hangman game by using the Bluemix Liberty for Java runtime and Cloudant NoSQL database service.
Also available in: Chinese   Russian   Japanese   Portuguese  
04 Sep 2014
Build a geo-targeting app based on the Bluemix Rules service
The Rules service in Bluemix enables you to decouple business rules from your applications and run them in the cloud. Flexibility, greater reuse, less recoding, and testing are some of the key benefits of the Rules service. Learn how the Rules service, which builds and runs a geo-targeting rule application, can used by apps or third-party applications to drive new business opportunities.
Also available in: Chinese   Japanese   Portuguese   Spanish  
02 Sep 2014

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