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developerWorks Live! IdeaJam: Find out how you can help shape the future of developerWorks
Learn about the developerWorks Live! IdeaJam and how it lets you share your ideas on how to improve developerWorks.
14 Jun 2013
Configuring AppScan Source
Derek Chowaniec demonstrates how to configure IBM Security AppScan Source edition by importing source code.
16 May 2013
Highlights of the Innovate 2012 conference (podcast transcript)
PODCAST: Rich Knaster, Worldwide Practice Manager for Agile Development and Collaborative Lifecycle Management, gives the details on 11 reasons for a developer to attend this year's conference.
14 May 2012
‪Java technology zone technical podcast series: Season 4 -- Lucas Carlson's head is firmly in the cloud
Andy Glover talks to Lucas Carlson, the founder and CEO of AppFog, a Platform as a Service.
21 Feb 2012
IBM Champion Martina Riedel of ReleaseTEAM: Change and configuration management
Scott Laningham talks to IBM Champion Martina Riedel, a senior consultant with ReleaseTEAM, an IBM Business Partner. She joins to talk about working with IBM Rational software and on being an IBM Champion.
28 Jan 2012
Tech Trends Roundtable: Dr. David Douglas and Dr. Manish Agrawal on analytics
Scott Laningham talk about the business analytics results of the Tech Trends survey with Dr. David Douglas, university professor of information systems in the Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas, and Dr. Manish Agrawal, associate professor of information systems at the University of South Florida.
28 Jan 2012
Java technology zone technical podcast series: Season 3 Dan Allen on the Arquillian testing framework
Andy Glover interviews Dan Allen on the Arquillian testing framework. Allen is principal JBoss software engineer at Red Hat and author of "Seam in Action." He's been a long-time open source evangelist and is the community liaison for Seam and Arquillian. You can listen to Andy Glover interviewing Dan Allen on the Arquillian testing framework, or read the transcript.
26 Jan 2012
IBM Cloud Computing Podcast: Rob Thomas and Dan Gisolfi on Big Data and cloud computing
Steve Curtis interviews Rob Thomas and Dan Gisolfi about Big Data and cloud computing. Thomas is vice president, Business Development, IBM Software Group Information Management; and Gisolfi is chief technology evangelist, IBM Emerging Internet Technologies.
26 Jan 2012
Java technology zone technical podcast series: Season 3 Paul Duvall on migrating to the cloud
Andy Glover interviews Paul Duvall on migrating to the cloud. Duvall is the CTO of Stelligent, which has been spending a lot of time helping companies migrate to the cloud. Duvall will help explain what it means to migrate a company's IT infrastructure to the cloud.
26 Jan 2012
Java technology zone technical podcast series: Jay Garcia, David Evans, of Modus Create on building mobile applications via web-baed IDEs
Andy Glover interviews Jay Garcia, the CTO of Modus Create and an author of two books for Manning, and David Evans, a senior mobile architect at Modus Create, on building mobile applications using web-based IDEs.
06 Dec 2011
Java technology zone technical podcast series: Season 3 Jonathan Stark on cross-platform mobile development
Andy Glover interviews Jonathan Stark, the author of multiple mobile development books for O'Reilly. He is recognized as a cross-platform mobile development expert who used to maintain jQuery Touch.
29 Nov 2011
Java technology zone technical podcast series: Season 3 Adam Wiggins and Jesper Joergensen on Heroku enterprise mobile development
Heroku is a polyglot cloud application platform. Adam Wiggins, cofounder and CTO of Heroku, and Jesper Joergensen, the product manager for Heroku and Java, speak to Andy Glover about the recent release of Java support on the Heroku platform.
15 Nov 2011
Java technology zone technical podcast series: Season 3 John Smart is wild for agile development
Andy Glover interviews John Smart, who is the founder and CEO of Wakaleo Consulting and has written two books, "Java Power Tools" and "The Definitive Guide to Jenkins." John speaks about agile development, his most recent book, specification by example, and his framework Thucydides.
25 Oct 2011
Smart Planet: Integrating mapping and geospatial analytics with business intelligence software
Scott Laningham interviews three guests about the integration of mapping and geospatial analytics is bringing new, more powerful analysis tools for all kinds of organizations. Steve Trammel is the IBM Alliance Marketing Manager at ESRI, the company that leverages geographic information system technology to address social, economic, business and environmental concerns at all levels of organizational complexity. Dave Kerr is technical marketing manager with SpotOn Systems, the leading integrator of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence with ESRI ArcGIS. Rob Doland is global industry and strategy leader for business analytics in the public sector for IBM.
21 Oct 2011
Java technology zone technical podcast series: Season 3 Prashant Deva and his DVR-like Java debugger, Chronon
Meet the man behind Chronon, the revolutionary Java debugger that records the execution of a Java program for playback on any computer without need for connection (to the back-end database or a network). Find out why this approach is fundamentally different from standard logging and debugging and how it will improve your applications. Prashant Deva is the founder and CTO of Chronon Systems. Inspired and frustrated by years of breakpoint guesswork in current debuggers and fumbling with println() statements and logging frameworks, Prashant set out to find a different way to debug programs and created Chronon. A long time entrepreneur, Prashant was the founder of Placid Systems and the brains behind AntlrStudio and Virtual Ant. He holds an MS in Computer Science from the University of San Francisco.
21 Oct 2011
‪Andy Glover Java series: Jon Gifford on the marriage of logging, search, and cloud computing
Andy Glover talks to Jon Gifford, the co-founder of Loggly, about the marriage of logging, search, and cloud computing.
31 Aug 2011
Java technology zone technical podcast series: Season 3 Grant Ingersoll on Mahout and machine learning
In this interview, Andy Glover speaks with Grant Ingersoll, the chief scientist of Lucid Imagination and the founder of Apache Mahout, an open source Java-based library aimed at building out scalable machine learning capabilities. learning.
11 Aug 2011
TurboTech: Operation Rat, IBM Google patent deal, and a birthday Episode date: 08-03-2011
IBM blogger and tech evangelist Todd "Turbo" Watson speaks about a five-year cyber security exposure that impacted 74 organizations and governments around the world, the IBM / Google 1000 patent deal, and the 30th birthday for the IBM PC.
03 Aug 2011
‪Jeff Casimir explores Code School's take on better technical education (6 Jul 2011)
Andy Glover and Jeff Casimir explore Code School's take on better technical education. Former teacher Casimir brings a fresh perspective, discussing how we got here and his thoughts.
06 Jul 2011
A look at the new Thomas Erl reference book, "SOA Governance"
IBMers Andre Tost (Senior Tecnical Staff Member, SOA Technology and Software Services for WebSphere) and Robert Laird (an IBM Enterprise Architect focused on SOA governance and policy) are co-authors of the new Thomas Erl SOA series book, "SOA Governance: Governing Shared Services On-Premise and in the Cloud". They talk about working on a project with such a large pool of contributing authors, the value of this large reference work, the reason for so many early failures in SOA implementations, and how good governance guides and protects the realization of service-oriented computing.
23 Jun 2011
Java technology zone technical podcast series: Season 2 Scott Davis, perhaps the Grooviest guy on Earth, shifts his spotlight and discusses HTML5
Andy interviews Scott Davis, founder of, on HTML 5, the already pervasive and "hip" web technology. Scott is a regular developerWorks contributor on Grails and Groovy.
25 Jan 2011
Java technology zone technical podcast series: Season 2 Andrew Binstock on open source software
Andy interviews notable technology analyst and open source advocate Andrew Binstock, who discusses the open source business model, including licensing and code hosting options, and talks to the perfect storm that must occur for an open source project to become widely used (and actually make you money).
11 Jan 2011
Java technology zone technical podcast series: Season 1 Sacha Labourey on abstracting the cloud to work better for Java developers
Andy Glover talks with the former JBoss CTO, Sacha Labourey, about his new endeavor, CloudBees, a Java Platform as a Service for both enterprises and ISVs, from development to production. Sacha talks about Hudson (an open source Continuous Integration project), the importance of a complete set of tools for the application lifecycle in the cloud, and also shares his thoughts on the Google app engine, Oracle-Sun and Java politics, and more.
15 Dec 2010
Java technology zone technical podcast series: Season 1 The world according to Ted Neward
Recorded during the summer, No Fluff, Just Stuff speaker Ted Neward talks .Net lessons for the Java world, alternative languages on the CLR, why Eclipse is the one IDE the Visual Studio team fears, closed source versus open source, Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure, and why he thinks Apple is the next target of the U.S. Department of Justice.
08 Dec 2010
Jeff Papows on the impact of faulty software
Jeff Papows, author of "Glitch: The Hidden Impact of Faulty Software," talks about three converging forces that are leading to a proliferation of glitches, impacting businesses, governments, and consumers. Jeff delves into what can be done, and a third branch of the software development profession that he sees emerging. Jeff is CEO and President of WebLayers, Inc., a company focused on the automated governance space, and was previously CEO and President of Lotus Development Corporation, which he helped integrate successfully into IBM.
07 Dec 2010
Forrester's Josh Bernoff on empowering business
Josh Bernoff, Senior VP of Idea Development at Forrester Research, is also co-author of the new book “Empowered: Unleash your employees, energize your customers, transform your business.” In this episode, Josh talks about why developerWorks was given the 2010 Forrester Groundswell Award in the business-to-business "supporting" category. We also talk about how social technologies are changing business, how to use them effectively, and what it all means to the IT professional. Josh shares his views on whether it's realistic to expect people to participate in multiple social networks, and talks about one of his favorite topics: creating a HERO (highly empowered and resourceful operatives) culture in the office.
11 Nov 2010
On the path to smarter data governance
Steven Adler, Program Director for IBM Data Governance Solutions, talks about what companies face in the data governance space and some key elements in a successful program.
22 Sep 2010
Making the IBM customer site experience better
Scott Neuman, director of Global Marketing for Lotus software, joins Todd Watson and Scott Laningham to talk about a new initiative designed to improve the comprehensive digital presence for companies in every industry.
16 Sep 2010
Java technology zone technical podcast series: Season 2 Stuart Halloway on Clojure
This week, the technically curious Andrew Glover interviews Stuart Halloway, co-founder of Relevance, Inc. and the author of Programming Clojure. They discuss the Clojure language and Halloway explains the two main reasons the language has been quickly adopted and is rising rapidly in popularity: It unleashes the power of the JVM and it gives Java programmers the Lisp ability to focus tightly on software development.
17 Aug 2010
Java technology zone technical podcast series: Season 1 Matthew McCullough on Git
Andrew Glover--developer, author, speaker, entrepreneur--and the developerWorks Java zone introduce a new technical podcast series. Follow the technically-curious Glover each week as he provides a new way to input knowledge from the sources you trust most. This week, Andrew interviews Matthew McCullough on Git, the open source distributed versioning system.
10 Aug 2010
Blogging internationalization with Leah Ketring
developerWorks's Leah Ketring joins [us] to talk about both her job as a web manager focused on supporting dW's international websites, and her blog "i18n, L10n, and me." Plus what's new at developerWorks.
28 Jul 2010
Delicious DB2 resources from Elizabeth Moore of IDUG
Elizabeth Moore of the International DB2 User Group IDUG talks about expanding database development education in a less expensive, online, interactive way. Plus, highlights from this week's developerWorks.
07 Jul 2010
A new Rational Application Security Community
Scott chats with IBM Rational's Darrel Rader and Peter Spung looking at the new Rational Application Security Community of Practice on My developerWorks. Plus what's new at developerWorks.
22 Jun 2010
Ted Neward and the Java Collections API
Chat with Java authority Ted Neward about the latest entry in his developerWorks series "Five things you didn't know about ..." -- Part 2 examines the Java Collections API. Plus, highlights from this week's developerWorks.
07 May 2010
Impact 2010 update with Andy Piper
From Impact 2010: IBM's Andy Piper talks about Ray Kurzweil's take on human genetic code as (woefully out-of-date) system software. He also covers general SOA, BPM, WebSphere, city planning games, and other technology announcements.
07 May 2010
Valerie Skinner on using developerWorks blogs
Valerie Skinner, My developerWorks blogging enthusiast, explains how routine is important to keep your blogging fresh and exciting. Plus what's new in developerWorks this week.
27 Apr 2010
SXSWi 2010: Social-network aggregation with Nsyght
From South by Southwest Interactive 2010: Geoffrey McCaleb, Nsyght's Mad Scientist, talks about beginning with a desire to solve a problem of search relevancy and ending up with a new brand and approach to social-network aggregation.
22 Mar 2010
SXSWi 2010: Education in the "free" era
From South by Southwest Interactive 2010: Peg Faimon and Glenn Platt of Miami University in Ohio detail their experiences in "crisis management" -- what colleges and universities need to do to cope with a sagging global economy, the erosion of perceived value in what academia traditionally provides, and the "free" explosion of knowledge on the Internet.
16 Mar 2010
SXSWi 2010: Day One wrapup
From South by Southwest Interactive 2010: Scott Laningham and Tood Watson discuss a smooth registration experience and Douglas Rushkoff's 10 commands for a digital age.
12 Mar 2010
Cloud Computing Use Case Project
Robert Syputa, Senior Strategy Analyst and Partner with Maravedis, and Dirk Nicol, Program Director for Emerging Technology at IBM, talk about the Cloud Computing Use Case Project.
25 Feb 2010
Never lose a sock again
The developerWorks Players mockcast this innovative foot-sock security tool -- SockTag.
02 Feb 2010
A portal in 16 days, from scratch
Dig this short video from WebSphere which features IBM Business Partners discussing how to put up content-rich portals in a fast 16 days using WebSphere Portal Now.
01 Feb 2010
Lotusphere 2010: Tungle, now for Notes
From Lotusphere 2010: Tungle CEO Marc Gingras throws Scott the fast pitch on Tungle for Notes, a cool Web-based scheduling product that syncs up with your existing calendar.
28 Jan 2010
Lotusphere 2010: Product Showcase walkaround
From Lotusphere 2010: From virtual shows to platform migration, from next-gen data protection to mobile social networking, from squeezing the last drop of flexibility from the already flexible Lotus family of software to ... (you get the picture) -- Scott Laningham takes you to the Products Showcase.
27 Jan 2010
Riffing on the Apple iPad announcement
The Apple iPad is an interesting idea, but will it be a detour on the road of changing technology landscapes or just another rest stop?
27 Jan 2010
Lotusphere 2010: Carol Galvin on the collaboration software market
Carol Galvin, Principle Segment Analyst with IBM Market Insights, discusses the composition of the global collaboration software market and what opportunity spaces exist in it, LotusLive, how to do more with less and how increasingly empowered users will affect the technosphere. Also, discover what the "anxiety coat hanger" is.
21 Jan 2010
Lotusphere 2010: Gina Poole talks BlueIQ and social-media business benefits
From Lotusphere 2010: IBM Software Group Marketing 2.0 VP Gina Poole explains BlueIQ, the ability to use social-media technologies to improve your collaboration game.
18 Jan 2010
Lotusphere 2010: A peek at what's coming
We hope to see you at the 17th annual Lotusphere conference in Orlando, Florida on January 17. Here's a few of the reasons why.
07 Jan 2010
TurboTech: Some positives and negatives of '09 tech
Todd "Turbo" Watson lays out the things he likes and doesn't like about technology in 2009.
23 Dec 2009
IOD '09: David Laverty on helping businesses optimize
David Laverty, Vice President for Worldwide Information Management Marketing at IBM, explains how customers can get the most bang out of the new Business Analytics and Process Optimization business unit. From the IOD 2009 Global Conference.
11 Nov 2009
IOD '09: Arvind Krishna on information-led transformation
Arvind Krishna, general manager for Information Management Software at IBM, wants to show you and your business how to control and leverage the exabytes of data coming at you each day. From the IOD 2009 Global Conference.
10 Nov 2009
IOD '09: Ross Mauri, General Manager of IBM Power Systems
Ross Mauri General Manager for IBM Power Systems, explains that information management would be nothing if there wasn't good hardware to support good software. From the IOD 2009 Global Conference.
09 Nov 2009
IOD '09: Day Three: Andy Warzecha on making IT and business play well together
Andy Warzecha, Vice President for IBM Information Management Strategy Market Management, dissects the cultural change needed to focus the IT and business sides together to achieve information-led transformation -- from Day Three at the IOD 2009 conference.
Also available in: Portuguese  
01 Nov 2009
IOD '09: Day Three: Tom Rosamilia on IOD, clouds, and System z's role
Tom Rosamilia, General Manager for IBM System z, explains why he sees cloud computing resting on System z instead of the dynamic infrastructure sitting on the cloud -- from Day Three at the IOD 2009 conference.
Also available in: Portuguese  
01 Nov 2009
IOD '09: Day Two: Ambuj Goyal on info transformation and a smarter planet
Ambuj Goyal, General Manager for IBM Business Analytics and Business Optimization, explains what IBM means by information-led transformation and how it all relates to A Smarter Planet -- from Day Two at the IOD 2009 conference.
Also available in: Portuguese   Spanish  
29 Oct 2009
IOD '09: Day One: Bill Pulleyblank on better decisions from gathered information
Bill Pulleyblank, IBM Vice President of Business Analytics and Optimization, talks about how to make better business decisions using gathered information; and he provides examples -- from Day One at the IOD 2009 conference.
Also available in: Portuguese  
28 Oct 2009
IOD '09: Day One: Mary Garrett on communicating via social media
Mary Garrett, IBM Vice President of Marketing Communications, Global Sales and Distribution, explains how turning to more social media can help with customer communication, plus she discusses challenges in information transformation and provides a great example from NYPD -- from Day One at the IOD 2009 conference.
Also available in: Portuguese  
28 Oct 2009
IOD '09: Todd and Scott show from IOD 2009, Day 1
Tired from a rousing first day at the IOD 2009 Global Conference, Scott Laningham and Todd "Turbo" Watson sit for a moment and talk about the truly interesting things that they witnessed on Day One -- including RFID'd cows, real live customers, belief in billions of transistors per person, getting smarter usage from your data, and really, really shiny shoes.
26 Oct 2009
Mainframe SOA Podcast Series
Welcome to the "Did you say Mainframe?!" Podcasts! from the WebSphere System z software product team to discover how IBM is revitalizing the mainframe as the platform of choice for modern services-based infrastructures, such as Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).
29 Sep 2009
Gina Poole on developerWorks at 10
developerWorks is 10 years old -- join Scott Laningham as he talks with Gina Poole, Vice President, IBM Software Group Marketing 2.0. (Also known as "developerWorks's mom".)
25 Sep 2009
Steve Mills on developerWorks at 10
developerWorks is 10 years old -- join Scott Laningham as he talks with Steve Mills, Senior Vice President and Group Executive for IBM Software Group, about the radical step developerWorks was for IBM.
24 Sep 2009
Cindy Saracco on pureXML and next-gen DB2
Cindy Saracco, a senior solution architect at IBM's Silicon Valley Laboratory, explains pureXML, what it brings to the next release of DB2, and talks about learning resources.
17 Apr 2009
Todd Watson on the use of social media during economic challenges
Todd Turbo Watson, developerWorks blogger and e-relationship manager for IBM Sofware Group, talks about how global business growth can be spurred by careful use of interactive technology resources.
08 Apr 2009
Julian Stuhler on IDUG, the International DB2 Users Group
Julian Stuhler, president of the International DB2 Users Group (IDUG), talks about the IDUG mission, benefits and events, and how IDUG stands out from other user groups.
08 Apr 2009
David Meerman Scott on creating a World Wide Rave
David Meerman Scott, author of World Wide Rave, a top Kindle download on Amazon, joins at SXSW Interactive to talk about creating triggers that get millions of people to do your public relations for you.
16 Mar 2009
Doug Lenat on Cyc, a truly semantic Web, and artificial intelligence (AI)
Doug Lenat is a prominent researcher in artificial intelligence (AI) and founder of the Cyc project. The Cyc Knowledge Server is a large multicontextual knowledge base and inference engine developed by Cycorp. The Cycorp Web site explains the goal of Cyc as breaking "the 'software brittleness bottleneck' once and for all by constructing a foundation of basic "common sense" knowledge -- a semantic substratum of terms, rules, and relations -- that will enable a variety of knowledge-intensive products and services. Cyc is intended to provide a "deep" layer of understanding that can be used by other programs to make them more flexible." Lenat talks about where Cycorp is in pursuit of that goal, and about what he calls a truly semantic Web.
16 Sep 2008
Beta partners talk about Rational Team Concert
Matt Pomroy of Ascendant Technology and Carson Holmes of Noblestar join Kartik Kanakasabesan, Rational Team Concert product lead, to talk about the latest with RTC and lessons learned from the beta test.
29 Jul 2008
Learn 10 good UNIX usage habits
Adopt 10 good habits that improve your UNIX(R) command line productivity -- and break away from bad usage patterns in the process. This article takes you step-by-step through several good, but too often neglected, techniques for command-line operations. Learn about common errors and how to overcome them, so you can learn exactly why these UNIX habits are worth picking up.
12 Dec 2006
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