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Cognitive computing

Creating a chatbot with cognitive services

By harnessing the power of the cloud and cognitive computing, you can open up your chatbot to countless creative applications. Start with these prebuilt scenarios to create your own IBM Watson-powered chatbot.


How to build an enhanced chatbot with Watson Conversation

Deploy a fresh app on your IBM Bluemix environment and make it accessible from Facebook Messenger in less than 10 minutes.

Artificial intelligence-driven customer support with Intercom and IBM Watson

Use IBM Watson to detect your CRM support messages' tone to help prioritize requests.

Analyzing sentiments in news using Alchemy APIs

Interpret data from several data sources and return data about keyword searches, which can help you make better business decisions.

Courses & Learning paths


Learn how the Watson Discovery Service can help you find insights in your unstructured data.

Get best practices for connecting your Conversation setup with third-party interfaces along with a deep-dive into a Watson-powered Slack bot.

Shiv Sehgal explains how RSG Media’s Media Mantra platform, built on the IBM Watson Data Platform, enables media companies to process data on the fly.




Walkthrough of Watson Conversation Service

Quickly create bots using Natural Language Understanding with conversational interaction flows and dialog building tools.



Deploying Your Watson Application on Bluemix in 4 Easy Steps

Hit the ground running with our top tips and tricks to leverage Watson services on Bluemix from the experts!



Build a Conversational App Using Watson Language APIs

Get an overview of the four services that can help you build a conversational interface for your application: Natural Language Classifier, Dialog, Retrieve & Rank, and Document Conversion.

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Build Your Own Watson Powered Application

Learn about the IBM Bluemix environment and take an in-depth look at the Watson services that are available to build cognitive apps. Services include user modeling, relationship extraction, question answer, concept expansion, and message resonance.



Build A Translation REST API With Watson, Node-RED, and Bluemix

Watch how this developer advocate build a Bluemix app that uses the Node-RED flow editor and the Watson Machine Translation service to build a REST API that translates text from one language to another.



Data Driven Content Analytics: Using Watson as a Strategic Asset

Learn more about Watson Explorer, a next-generation content analytics tool that takes you beyond standard enterprise search. You, too, can put important information at users' fingertips while providing the related analytical insights and context that makes it meaningful.

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