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Bluemix articles & tutorials

Sample applications

Sample code and tutorials on Bluemix services

Download working code and follow step-by-step how-tos for building cognitive apps, enhancing mobile apps, managing apps from development to deployment, and more.

Bluemix, IBM's Platform as a Service, handles the implementation, hosting, and scaling details, so you can focus on building great apps.

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Learning paths and courses

IBM Blockchain for developers

This learning path is designed for developers to quickly understand IBM's direction with blockchain technology and to give hands-on experience with a sample use case.


Duration: 4 hours

Cloud Application Developer certification preparation

Explore the key concepts that can help you prepare to pass the IBM Cloud Platform Application Development V1 exam.

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A JavaScript developer's guide to Bluemix fundamentals

Use your JavaScript skills to easily develop and deploy your first app in the cloud.

A Java developer's guide to Bluemix fundamentals

Use your Java skills to easily develop and deploy your first app in the cloud.

A PHP developer's guide to Bluemix fundamentals

Use your PHP skills to easily develop and deploy your first app in the cloud.

Connect to Cloud: API Connect

Capitalize on your existing skills and enterprise apps by connecting to and from the cloud via APIs in a hybrid cloud approach.

Optimize Java apps on IBM Cloud

Prepare and migrate your Java apps to the cloud, then enhance and enrich them by adding data and cognitive (Watson) services.

Java and Liberty quick-start guide

Java is still the best language for enterprise development, and enterprises are moving to the cloud. With this handy guide, bring your skills in line with the new development landscape.

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developerWorks TV


Build a cloud native app with Apache OpenWhisk

Daniel Krook provides an overview of serverless architectures, introduces the OpenWhisk programming model, and then deploys an OpenWhisk application on IBM Bluemix.

Cloud Dragon Dojo (video series)

The Cloud Dragon Dojo videos spotlight digitally eminent IBMers talking about Devops, the cloud, their methods, research, and results.

Get the inside track on hot topics and emerging trends around Bluemix, Ustream, wellness analytics, cloud object storage, and OpenWhisk to name a few.

Microservices TV (video series)

The Microservices TV videos keep you current on the latest news, trends, and how-tos on all things microservices.

See why developers are flocking to microservices to build all sorts of next-gen, cloud-native apps — and moving traditional middleware architectures to microservices.

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New Builders (episode series)

The New Builders podcast features interviews with innovative application developers, who reveal their best practices, latest projects, and favorite tools.

The growing popularity of graph databases, containerization, Watson, and microservices are just a few of the revolutionary movements you'll hear about.


Is Serverless Ready for Primetime?

Daniel Krook hosts a panel discussion on serverless technology and how to encourage developer adoption of the technology.


Trading Commercial Paper via Blockchain with IBM Bluemix

See blockchain technology in action. This demo shows an asset transfer between two users on a blockchain network. The asset being transferred is commercial paper, an unsecured promissory note.

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