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Hybrid cloud & choice with consistency

Jason McGee, VP & CTO, IBM Cloud Platform, discusses IBM's cloud stack, including infrastructure, platform, and foundational services.



Driving cars autonomously with IBM Bluemix

Watch Anki Overdrive cars, connected to the IBM Cloud, steered via voice and gesture recognition! Bluemix Developer Advocate Niklas Heidloff explains how he did it using Watson services on Bluemix.

developerWorks TV

Trading Commercial Paper via Blockchain with IBM Bluemix

See blockchain technology in action. This demo shows an asset transfer between two users on a blockchain network. The asset being transferred is commercial paper, an unsecured promissory note.

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RackN's microservices journey

RackN CEO Rob Hirschfeld describes his tech company's transformation from a functioning monolith into a microservices-based architecture.



IBM Blockchain is open for business!

At IBM Interconnect 2016, Jerry Cuomo introduces IBM's efforts with Blockchain, discusses common use cases that are radically changed by Blockchain, and introduces the Hyperledger Project.



Build your own Watson-powered application

Tour the Watson services on Bluemix for building cognitive apps. Services include user modeling, relationship extraction, concept expansion, and more.



Swift development comes to the cloud

Swift services on IBM Bluemix can radically simplify end-to-end app development. dW TV reporter Todd Watson shares the highlights of the announcement at InterConnect 2016.



Use the force – Move a BB-8 Droid with your mind

Bluemix evangelist Joshua Carr shows off his Jedi mind tricks using an Emotiv Insight, a Sphero BB-8 app-enabled Droid, and IoT services on Bluemix.



SoftLayer and Open Source

Strategists Angel Diaz and Marc Jones discuss why the global reach of cloud data centers is important for developers, and give you a head start on SoftLayer.

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Learning paths

Cloud Application Developer certification preparation

Explore the key concepts that can help you prepare to pass the IBM Cloud Platform Application Development V1 exam.

Optimize Java apps on IBM Cloud

See the benefits of developing, testing, and maintaining Java apps in Bluemix. Prepare and migrate your Java apps to the cloud, then enhance and enrich them by adding data and cognitive (Watson) services.

A Java developer's guide to Bluemix fundamentals

Use your Java skills to easily develop and deploy your first app in the cloud.

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A JavaScript developer's guide to Bluemix fundamentals

Use your JavaScript skills to easily develop and deploy your first app in the cloud.

A PHP developer's guide to Bluemix fundamentals

Use your PHP skills to easily develop and deploy your first app in the cloud.


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Open source

Duration: 2 hours

Cognitive computing

Duration: 2 hours