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Java theory and practice: All columns
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Brian Goetz (
Principal Consultant, Quiotix Corp
February 5, 2002

Column iconWelcome to Java theory and practice, a monthly column by veteran Java developer Brian Goetz. This column aims to explore that elusive juncture where design principles meet the requirements to solve real-world problems. Each month, we'll explore design patterns, principles of reliable software design, and why "best practices" are best, with an eye to how they are applied to real problems.

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Many Java theory and practice installments have been written since this developerWorks column debuted in February 2002. You can browse through all the Java theory and practice columns, starting with the most recent, in these continually refreshed lists:

About the author
Brian Goetz is a software consultant and has been a professional software developer for the past 15 years. He is a Principal Consultant at Quiotix, a software development and consulting firm located in Los Altos, CA. See Brian's published and upcoming articles in popular industry publications. You can contact Brian at

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IBM developerWorks > Java technology
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