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  • Java multitenancy

    Delve deeper into the multitenant JVM, including exploring the lifecycle of a tenant application and understanding the benefits provided by the isolation of statics.

  • Build a portable Java travel app that integrates web services

    Learn how to develop and deploy a Java PaaS web app on the cloud. Get a feel for the high levels of interoperability and portability that are available when you build and deploy applications in the cloud.

  • Choosing your next JVM language

    Neal Ford wraps up the series by investigating the factors that you should consider when choosing a language to adopt.

  • Java 8 as

    Investigate the Java 8 release as a reasonable candidate for your next programming language. Find out how lambda blocks and the streaming API upgrade Java to a modern language.

  • Introduction to Java multitenancy

    Running multiple apps in a single multitenant cloud JVM can speed app start times and reduce their memory footprint.

  • JVM concurrency: Java 8 concurrency basics

    Java 8 gives you easier ways to build programs, such as concurrent ones. Learn about Java 8 extensions, including CompletableFuture and streams.

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JavaOne. IBM @ JavaOne. Sept 28-Oct. 02, 2014. San Francisco, CA.

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