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  • Achieve improved database interoperability with SQL and RDB aliases

    In today's complex environments, where data is spread across numerous homogeneous and heterogeneous databases, simplification is a necessity. Three-part naming offers that simplification for database connectivity by allowing skilled data architects, programmers, and system administrators the ability to easily manage remote Distributed Relational Database Architecture (DRDA) connections within SQL applications and data centers.


  • Rev up your Tomcat server on IBM i

    Performance and security are two important key points when running Tomcat on IBM i. This article introduces how to improve Tomcat’s performance and security by tuning IBM i, Java virtual machine (JVM), Tomcat, HTTP Server for i and specific applications.

  • How to use the Batch Model performance tool

    This article is an introduction on how to use the Batch Model performance tool available in IBM® Navigator for i in version 7.2. Batch Model uses Collection Services performance data to predict batch workload run times, resources used, and the duration of your batch window. It predicts the changes in throughput that result from hardware upgrades (processor or disk) or from a workload increase. It also can help you optimize workloads by providing a timeline view of your batch window, so that you can locate the times when more efficient job scheduling can improve total system throughput.

  • Automate journal receiver deletion

    This article discusses how to automate the deletion of journal receivers to reduce direct access storage device (DASD) consumption and reduce backup time. An example exit program for the QIBM_QJO_DLT_JRNRCV exit point to allow receiver deletion and days after being saved is presented along with instructions on using the registration facility to associate the exit program with the exit point.