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Use PHP and XSL to create a DHTML link graph


Level: Intermediate

Jack Herrington (, Senior Software Engineer, Leverage Software

04 Oct 2005

In this tutorial, you learn to build a link graph with XML, PHP, and JavaScript code. Link graphs are paragraphs of keywords in which the size of each word depends on some data value -- in this case, the frequency of the term. The more often the term occurs, the larger the font size of the word. This tutorial shows how to build an RSS parser that in turn builds a keyword list along with the word frequencies. It also demonstrates how to use XSLT to create an HTML page that shows the link graph and relates its term to its original article.

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In this tutorial

  • Build a link graph

  • Find the words

  • Build the HTML

  • Add descriptions


Basic knowledge of PHP, RSS, and XML is required. XSLT (through Saxon) is used in this tutorial but is explained as it appears.

System requirements

You will need JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Under two hours



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