WebSphere Extended Deployment Compute Grid

Today's business environment needs smarter IT solutions that respond to changing business demands. To address these demands, companies need an integrated solution that delivers simplified solutions across a wide range of business processes. WebSphere® Extended Deployment Compute Grid provides a multi-functional and multi-platform Java Batch solution that improves operational efficiency of business transaction processing. With support for batch jobs alongside online transactions, WebSphere Extended Deployment Compute Grid delivers a near real-time user experience while optimizing costs.

IBM WebSphere Extended Deployment Compute Grid lets you schedule, execute, and monitor batch jobs. Because online transaction processing and batch jobs execute simultaneously on the same server resources, you can avoid costly duplication of resources. Compute Grid supports job types of Java™ transactional batch, compute-intensive, "native execution", which enables non-Java workloads to run on distributed end points.

Languages supported: Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, English US, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese-Brazilian, Spanish.

Platforms supported: Linux®, Windows®

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