Exercise: Systems engineering and embedded software development with Rational Rhapsody

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Learn how IBM Rational Rhapsody helps automate the systems engineering and embedded software development process and validate designs earlier, when defects are less costly to address. Find out more about the systems engineering and software engineering capabilities in Rational Rhapsody.

Explore Rational Rhapsody systems engineering capabilities: In this quick tour of Rational Rhapsody for systems engineering, learn how to analyze requirements for better understanding, validate the design using simulation to find errors earlier, and gain an understanding of the basic features of Rational Rhapsody.

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Explore Rational Rhapsody software engineering capabilities: Get an introduction to the basics of IBM Rational Rhapsody Developer for the development of an embedded software application by developing a simple vehicle sensor in C++. Learn the basics of visually developing software using Rational Rhapsody to help automate and improve the quality of the software development process by generating, building and running the application.