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Choose one of the following online evaluation exercises in our sandbox to learn more about how Rational supports a broad range of capabilities across the Systems and Software development life cycle.

Exercise 1: Smarter product development with IBM Rational solution for systems and software engineering: Specify, design, implement, and validate complex systems and products with an integrated set of tools and agile systems engineering practices. Take a tour through a smarter product development lifecycle and learn how IBM helps you manage development complexity, traceability, quality, and compliance needs whilst reducing time to market.

Exercise 2: Requirements Management with IBM Rational DOORS: Collaborate across your product teams in the capture, trace, review, and management of complex requirements sets as demanded by today's systems engineering challenges. Learn how to author, review, discuss, edit, and add requirements and create traceability reports that enable requirements fulfillment and compliance to be easily tracked.

Exercise 3: Requirements Management with IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation: Built using IBM Jazz™ technology, IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation provides new and advanced web based support for expressing requirements using rich text formatting, diagrams, and graphics. Learn how this and other new capabilities can enable you to more effectively collaborate globally on requirements, share customizable dashboards, support extended lifecycle traceability, and apply more efficient planning and lifecycle capabilities to your projects.

Exercise 4: Agile Development of Embedded Systems with IBM Rational Rhapsody: For the Embedded Software Developer or Software Engineer:

Learn how you can develop and validate embedded software applications with simulation, behavioral code generation and real-time system integration. Use graphical techniques to architect C++, C, Java and C# applications using UML or AUTOSAR, reuse existing code with reverse engineering, generate code frames (including MISRA-C and MISRA-C++) automatically synchronize design and code, generate design documentation and graphically specify test cases.

For the systems engineer:

Learn how you can use Model Based Systems Engineering techniques for analyzing and elaborating designs, making architecture trade offs, and automatically documenting systems specifications, interface design documents and systems test cases using SysML, UML, AUTOSAR or UPDM (additional add on). Use system simulation and execution to enable early validation of architecture and behavior. Share, collaborate, and review your engineering lifecycle artifacts created with Rational Rhapsody or other design tools, such as Mathworks Simulink, with the extended engineering team.

Learn more about IBM Rational solutions:

The IBM Rational solution for systems and software engineering is an integrated solution helping teams to specify, design, implement and validate complex products and the software that powers them. It offers an integrated set of capabilities to enable you to predictably deliver competitive, high-quality products while meeting regulatory and compliance requirements.

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