IBM® Sametime® is a platform for unified communications and collaboration that combines security features with an extensible, open solution including integrated Voice over IP, geographic location awareness, mobile clients, and a robust Business Partner community offering telephony and video integration. It expands on the existing instant messaging, Web conferencing, VoIP, point-to-point video, mobile clients, external IM gateway, and extensible client with additional platform support and enhancements to the end user experience, administration, and performance.

Try IBM Sametime 9 client in a cloud environment on IBM Greenhouse, a live community website where you can use IBM Collaboration solutions products for free. Register on IBM Greenhouse to access either option.

Using Greenhouse for the first time?

  1. Go to IBM Greenhouse and click Sign up in the upper right corner.
Operating systemVersionMethodInstructions
Linux, Mac, WindowsV9Download
  1. Log into Lotus Greenhouse
Browser-basedV9Try online
  1. Log into Lotus Greenhouse

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Languages supported: English only.

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