IBM InfoSphere BigInsights Quick Start Edition

IBM InfoSphere BigInsights Quick Start Edition is a free, downloadable non-production version of BigInsights that enables new solutions that cost effectively turn large, complex volumes of data into insight by combining Apache Hadoop, (including the MapReduce framework and the Hadoop Distributed File Systems), with unique, enterprise-ready technologies and capabilities from across IBM, including Big SQL, text analytics and BigSheets. For support or to deploy into production, use BigInsights Enterprise Edition.

IBM InfoSphere Quick Start Edition is a no-charge download with no data or time limitations. Quick Start is designed for anyone who wants to get their hands on the enterprise features of BigInsights to experiment with Hadoop and explore different use cases.

Platforms supported: Linux, Windows

Product specs

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64-bit Operating System: Windows, Linux (HTTP or Download Director)

VMware image, Windows (HTTP or Download Director)

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